Monday, August 3, 2020

TWTW - the first in Aug

Friday The plan was to bike to get OPC, watch the surf, breathe. I got rained out. There have been a lot of rainy Fridays this summer. I did take a longer afternoon walk. For some reason I love when flip flops are abandoned, either in a pair or solo, as if their wearer just walked right out of them. I also hit the beach after work, and tried to catch the sunset - the large cloud was allll fire pink as I was walking down there but Bruce was dicking around and I missed it. I also missed it because suddenly sunset is 8:11 and not 8:30 or later. 
Saturday When you have to dig through six bags of other people's trash, some of which should have been put out Thursday night, to make room in outdoor cans and liberate a full recycle can...then you have to crawl under beds on your top floor to liberate goldfish, gummy candy, and assorted food wrappers...IN's not a great start. I retreated to my apartment and painted my nails (OPI Verde Nice to Meet You, this color is amazing) and have comfort snacks. Laura rode by blaring her horn then came for a porch visit and we walked up to the boards where Chris picked her up and I took a walk down to the beach. So great to see her in person and sweat it out together. Man, summer. Dinner was tomato sandwiches, and I was couch bound to finish a book and start another but I fell asleep early and missed the friend Zoom. Old people probs
Sunday I was up at 6:30, then went back to sleep from 8-11 so I clearly needed it. It was a slow Sunday, starting on the porch reading. I puttered a little doing dishes and making salad. MFD and the old dogs arrived and we set out for Corson's Inlet late in the afternoon. We picked dinner up at Mike's on the way back. Well, that was the plan, but neither of us had a credit card, so we drove from 55th to 13th then back to 55th to pick up food. Oy. I walked up to the boardwalk to see Laura's fam, and when she went back to  her place I got salted caramel brownie from Ben & Jerry's. I walked down to the beach to see the Sturgeon Moon on the water. Hashtag moon child. I finished my second book of the weekend which is rare these days. 

Happy happy birthday to Evan yesterday!

I have a busy week ahead work-wise, and I'll actually be alone alone for most of it. MFD is taking all the dogs back to Philly with him tonight or tomorrow, and I'll follow Saturday. 

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