Monday, August 24, 2020

TWTW - the one winding down the summer season

Friday was a mover - I started out finishing a book on the porch, ended the day on the porch too. I had a big deadline and after that my brain was shut off so I killed the work day around 4. My guests for the week left early due to Saturday work so I was able to do all of my ass breaking parts of Saturday turnover on Friday, which was awesome. The house was in pretty good shape which is always a huge relief. I also did things you typically can't do during the season because there is no time: touch up paint in the powder room, cleaned the top of the cabinets. 
Saturday While doing my stuff I realized the oven drawer was stuck, so I had to get some pans in case no one could get it un-stuck (as ended up being the case, none of my cleaning crew ladies could budge it either). Since I had time on my hands I went to Marshalls in Rio Grande and man what a store. I went for pans but came back with dog beds and plans to go back once I truly see the state of things in the house after the summer season. There's an Aldi next to it too so I got some of my coveted frozen berries. Bruce loved the bed, but then he peed on it and drank my coffee while I was out talking to Walter my exterminator friend. RUDE. I painted my nails (Orly Confetti) and had a total rest day on the couch which was amazing. I meant to go to the beach at the end of the day, but I didn't make it. 
Sunday I was up doing my thing with the best friend dogs by 6:30. Bruce drank my fucking coffee again. MFD and the old dogs arrived around 9 and we had a nice morning waiting for some rain to pass over before heading to the south end of the island for a great beach day. Beautiful sun, nice swimming weather (went under for the first time this year), awesome shelling, tide pools, good reading conditions. A nice way to get lost for six hours or so. We left right as a downpour was coming in.  
I made caprese salad, we walked the dogs, the sunset was amazing. I read for the rest of night and MFD was asleep by 9. A very good day.
The only things I made this weekend: hard boiled eggs and chicken drums. Oh and caprese salad but no pic.

Back at it this week. I will be in Philly for a few days taking care of some shit. 

How was yours? 

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