Monday, August 10, 2020

TWTW - the one that was here there and everywhere

Friday was a technologically fucked day and Adobe and MFD bore the brunt of my rage, but at least there were tacos from Cinco de Mayo. I also cleaned my apartment and hit the beach around 8. I heard from MFD that the shitstorm that blew through with Isaias Tuesday and left us with a tree-filled yard was confirmed as a tornado by the National Weather Service. My dad and carol arrived and we hung out talking for a while before sleep around 11.
Saturday Turnover was absolute fucking bullshit like it has been most Saturdays, but I did see Kelly and Jeff and kids while helping out with MFD’s real estate biz and they brought me my favorite donut from Drip N’ Scoop. Dad and Carol were rockstar helpers. I dropped 40 bags of laundry off to be done and headed for Philly, thinking along the way of things I forgot to do. The damage at the Philly house was worse than I expected from pictures. MFD was of course out working when PECO’s tree crew arrived. They cleared the yard quickly so they had room to decipher the tree puzzle in the wires. MFD made amazing steaks and sides and we sat eating at the dining room table like Margo and Todd while Griswold electric problems raged outside. Just fucking done by the end of the day. 
Sunday Mae was not into laundry and neither was I. I left most of it and threw clothes in a bag and checked the state of things once more before throwing all the dogs in the car and taking refuge at Lori’s lake basement. The dogs were so happy to be away from the mess and so was I. MFD sent me a pic of the tree cleared from the wires and that was good. Lori and I spent most of the afternoon outside with the dogs. It was relaxing and restorative. 

Working from here the next few days. Thanks to Dad & Carol for holding it down at the shore, MFD for dealing with the Philly damage situation, and Lori for the refuge and food! 

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow! See you here tomorrow for that! 

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