Monday, August 31, 2020

TWTW - the end of weekly rental season

Friday I meant to head back to the shore at lunch but j-o-b prevented. New purse from blog reader friend Susan made my petty feeling heart happy. It's gorgeous. Canine coworkers. Gus and I drove to the shore and arrived around 8:30. 
Saturday Gus was up at the ass crack to start his 15th birthday. He had a walk and breakfast and a lot of naps and all the treats, a visit to Dog Beach, and a cheeseburger for dinner. Our last weekly renters of the summer checked out in the morning, and I stripped the beds and couches and did some couch stuffing of them, but mostly I sat on my ass enjoying the fact that I did not have to hustle and stress. The people who rent for the summer next door dropped me off a tomato pie and eggs from their chickens. I freaking love them. I painted my nails (Essie you, me, & the sea), got lunch from Farmstand (vegan brussels sprouts grilled cheese), and ordered pizza for dinner so Gus could have a burger. MFD and the other dogs arrived around 11 pm.
Sunday Despite going to bed at 12, we were up by 6. I did some more couch stuffing and put the slip covers on, then did some food prep and drove all the way to the Rio Grande Marshalls, shopped, got to the register, and they were only taking cash. I had $13 and a credit card, with my full wallet in my car and I was driving MFD's. So, fruitless waste of an hour and a half there and back and in store. 
Despite the Marshalls snafu, Sunday was a great day. When I got back my Dad & Carol had arrived. We while away the afternoon on the porch, enjoyed a lovely breeze, since flies were on the beach. We went to the North End to see the sunset, then came back and ordered apps and pizza from Randazzo's. I was dead asleep by 10:15. 
Weekly food prep: I made some food for Gus (farm ground beef with organs for pets) and squash, a salad, and pork tenderloin for lunch for a few days. 

How was yours? 

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