Monday, August 17, 2020

TWTW - the one of work and rest

Friday do you know how long it's been since I've worn shoes? A very long time. I just bought some so I tried them on. Both Toms, both love. I worked like mad all day, then actually drove to the shore leaving Philly at 5 pm like I would never, ever do in a normal summer. It was still semi-ridiculous on 95 because it always is, but I made it by 7, talked to favorite guests, was filled with joy at the key lime pie and other goodies Dad & Carol left for me, walked up to the boards to get some pizza by the slice for the first time this summer (!) to eat at home, and did to my water cooler what you can't do to most work water coolers. 
Saturday I was jamming from 6 am on. First and of course most importantly, to feed Bruce and Ben a birthday cheeseburger for Bruce's birthday! Then off to Somers Point to the hardware store for the outdoor trashcans I've been meaning to buy since March. My best guests left the house great, but I had some maintenance stuff to do that had me back over to Somers Point to get something my local hardware store across the street does not have (they don't have trash cans with attached lids either, obvi) and back and just running like mad until check in time. I also spray painted our house number on the trash cans and weeded the front side of my abandoned neighbor's property. I need to get to the side of it tonight to get all that shit in the trash. After all that we were toast. I ordered fries and a hoagie and didn't move all night. 
Sunday After a 6 am Bruce wakeup and walk, I was slow to get going. I went to Walgreen's to get supplies to get the expanding foam off of my hands. I shellacked myself on Saturday and it was not good. Nails are one of my favorites, OPI My Private Jet. It was windy and rainy, but not hard enough to make me miss two hours of shell trolling at low tide. That is therapy for sure. The ocean was churning, which I love as long as I'm not in it and I got a good haul of beautifully broken shells and the pebbles I love. I heard from my upstairs guest that there was a g.d. drumset on the porch next door, so I had to call my neighbor to get in touch with his tenants. Of course there's a drumset on the porch. It's 2020. Why wouldn't there be? 
Let the record reflect that I actually cooked dinner and made HBE for the week, but that is not unusual. MFD and the old dogs arrived around 8:30 so the gang's all here until tomorrow when he heads back to Philly. I finished a book and that's all she wrote. 

How was yours? 

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