Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Wide open spaces

When I first started this blog (nine years ago last week), I would just throw some shit at the wall every day. It was mostly lists, almost a week full of Thursday thoughts. I wasn't flexing any writing muscles. I didn't care what it looked like. Life in the time of Corona calls for a return to those ways. I'll sit down in my spaces online however I please, just like I sit down in my spaces in person. 

In Corona Land, my brain reaches capacity much more quickly on any given day than it did before March, and I wonder if some of that is me taking up space with maybe I'll write a whole post about that or maybe I'll put that in Thursday Thoughts. So fuck it, I'm not going to hold it anymore, I'll share it whenever and however.  

Speaking of fuck it, yesterday someone commented on a facebook status of mine clucking over my language. I had used  the word fuck multiple times. Hello, do you know me? She was unfriended immediately, because I am a 43 year old woman and I don't accept tone policing from anyone, regardless of relationship. Anyone and everyone can fuck off out of here with that. I will use words where and when I choose, because as Tabitha Brown says, that's my business. And if you are an adult, whatever you want to do is your business as long as it's not hurting anyone else.

In the time of corona, so many people out there are wondering how to show up in their spaces online. The answer is however the fuck you want. However you feel like it. That might be different every day. And that's okay, because that's your business

Anyway. Those other things floating around. 

I am so sick of food. Thinking about it, even eating it. Definitely cooking it. I feel like the joy I used to have in cooking is gone. I don't know why. I am living on veggies and dip. And Snickers ice cream bars. They have made a massive comeback in my life this year.

Tech writing has me looking up ehs management software, darton sleeve installation, Canadian doors, and knowing all manner of things I'd normally not know. I actually contributed to a conversation about generators with Laura last week from a previous tech writing escapade. I think we were both surprised.

Friends of ours had to put their under four year old big lovable galoot of a dog down last night due to aggressive cancer and I am just devastated for them. 

I don't give a fuck about your politics but to see so many men and women insinuate Kamala Harris slept her way to her position is fucking vile. Check your misogyny - check that internalized misogyny too, ladies. Also your president is a serial cheater and brags about just kissing women and grabbing them by the pussy. So fucking stop.

I need to get back into my acupuncturist. Soon. It's been over five months and I'm hurting. I think she's open again. I should also get an ergonomic desk chair. 

I'll add it to the list. And maybe to make some brain room I'll post that here on Friday in a sloppily put together fashion.

Tl, dr: show up in your spaces however the fuck you want and have a good day!

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