Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Three Things August 2020

The last time I did this was February. Where has the year gone? Down a corona hole. 

Three things I like about August
1. Later sunrises
2. Some cooler nights and mornings at the shore
3. Tomatoes

Three things I dislike about August
1. Earlier sunsets
2. Jellyfish
3. I start getting back to school angst even though I am not going back to school and have not gone back to school since August 1998.

Three goals for the rest of August
1. Stop letting work day bleed out into personal time on both ends
2. Less scrolling
3. Move bed and clean under it

Three things I thought I'd use more this year
1. My car
2. The oven
3. The library

Three things I never thought I'd use as much this year
1. Our shore apartment
2. The air fryer
3. Bleach

Three things I'm into right now
1. Masks matching outfit, always
2. Reading actual books, not kindle books, which sucks because I have a zillion on the kindle to read but my eyes need screen breaks
3. Voting the White House squatter out

Three websites I landed on in unrestricted googling last night
1. https://teerextee.com/ (Googled Animal Crossing, despite people talking about it all Corona Life I have no idea what it is)
2. https://millenniumgeospatial.com/ (Googled shore network)
3. https://thezenconnect.com/ (Googled charcoal neutralizer. That is not this but this is cool too)

Three favorite fruits
1. Strawberries
2. Hard, tart plums
3. mango

Three foods I've survived on in Corona Summer
1. Caprese salad
2. Raw veggies & Lipton onion dip
3. Snickers ice cream bars

Now you.

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