Sunday, August 16, 2020

Where did that 45 minutes go?

Last night as I slumped on the couch, I thought about how much easier and simpler everything felt last year. Of course there were hard things and pain in the ass things. This is life, there always are. But now everything is its own hard and pain in the ass coupled with the weight of covid world and it is fucking exhausting to me. 

While I was reclining, I was googling foot pain - I am always barefoot and my feet striking hard surfaces is not good for them as they age. I kept getting recommendations for crocs or plantar fascitis orthotics. I also somehow landed among tough plastics and landed on Jeco Plastics, which sent me down a rabbit hole of printing press info and diverted along the way to splicers and

I looked up and 45 minutes had gone by, poof. That's happened a lot in Corona Land. I'm off on wild google chases, which is why I've been mentioning them more here, and I end up so far from where I started from it's sort of wild. I hate wasting time and I also hate feeling so fleeting. I find it hard to sink into books but I can follow a thread through google and end up seven miles from where I started. 

Anyway...distraction is a sign of burn-out, and I can safely say I'm burnt out. I did a lot of resting today and I hope this week is kinder. Or that I am more aware of hard stop times. Sometimes the work has to wait until tomorrow. 

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