Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - All the roads that wind between the trees over the seas I'll go till I'm home

Appreciating that I live around the corner from one of the best gardens on the island and I get to walk past it multiple times a day. It is a riot of color and life and I love it.
Sharing my new shore house logo designed by TWSS Quote Shop (bloggers, you may know her as Mrs. AOK from her former blog That's What She Said) - that link is to her Etsy but her art is awesome, she does logo work as you can see and more. She did a whole package for me. This is the push to get me to use the URL for the shore house I've been sitting on for three years. I am super happy, thanks Dean! 

alone for the first time in over a year. MFD took the dogs home with him at 11 pm Monday night since tropical storm Isaias was coming and my Dad and Carol are coming down Friday. I'm alone without people all the time but so very rarely alone without dogs. But of course I have some photos from Monday before they left. Poor Gus still with the black nail polish on him from the beginning of July.
Speaking of Isaias...scenes from our house in Philly. The tree is snagged on wires that have to be cut out by ASPLUNDH. PECO was out yesterday just a little over 24 hours after, which is a great response time given the amount of devastation in the area. Our neighborhood got rocked. Of course now the wait is for ASPLUNDH to come out to actually remove the tree from the wires and our hands are tied on removal until then. My least favorite thing ever is when people bitch endlessly about power being out or shit not being done immediately when a major event happens. I know it sucks. But what do we expect them to do, double their workforce overnight or work without sleeping or eating? PECO is always out busting their ass immediately and around the clock in dangerous conditions to get power restored to everyone and to remove trees from power lines and deal with live wires, etc. Like do you think we want a fucking tree pressing up against our fucking house right now, unable to see any possible structural damage? No we fucking don't, but since we have power and the wires are just hanging, we are not the priority. Intersections are the priority. And yes, of course MFD was on the news talking about it because do you know him?
Marveling at what the shore looks like after Isaias, and any big storm that has rolled through when I've been here. Ho hum, some big clouds rolling out, nothing to see here, what happened what are you talking about
Having words with my shore neighbor for being rude to my guests this week for absolutely no reason. Very seriously what in the fuck is wrong with people? Some lady was an asshole to me in the grocery store yesterday for (gasp) emerging from an aisle. What the hell is wrong with people

Wondering what fresh hell is next.

Lacking the energy to talk about how much rage I have at people shitting on teachers right now in relation to back to school or not; as well as people acting like there is no pandemic and science is fake, people acting like there is no problem with a president who lies and talks out of his fucking butthole (did you see the interview?), people acting like there is no problem with the absolutely fucking gross wealth gap in this country but instead a huge problem with people getting an additional $600 a week in unemployment, people acting like systemic racism does not exist. I don't have it in me this week. 

Calling foul, Walgreens. It's the beginning of August.

Masking up. Did you think I was without pug masks? Yes, that is plural.
Tolerating racism is racism. I started my morning with a good old thinly veiled racism back and forth online. 

Thinking a lot about abolition and where I stand on that after reading some writings of Angela Davis and Assata Shakur. What does true justice look like for all people? What about punishment? What is restorative? What will actually make change for individuals and communities? Punishment and my ideas of what it is and who it's for have changed a lot since I was younger. It's probably the thing I have done the biggest 180 on. My thoughts on the death penalty in particular. 

Reading books from my kindle. I had about 15 or 20 sitting in my amazon account that I never transferred over from my last kindle that bit the dust? I did go to the library yesterday, like in in it for the first time in forever. There were not as many books, I think they are keeping the ones that are returned separated for a time. It was a little sad. Is everything a little sad these days? I will be requesting in the future and not browsing. I'm not a huge browser anyway so not a big deal. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. 

Visiting with Laura on the porch as a work break yesterday. It's been so nice to be able to see both her and Kim a few times the weeks they are/were here with their fams. 

Listening to The Road by Old Man Canyon, lyrics from which are of course after the Thursday Thoughts hyphen

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