Friday, January 31, 2020

February Agenda

Friday Friday! The last day in January.

I used to do monthly goals, then I went to quarterly goals, then back to loose monthly goals, then no goals except a few big mamas. I need a visible monthly to do list, so here it is for February:

1. Continue no buy - not no spend, I had to correct the course on that after January - for unnecessary items/mindless buying/consuming. I bought some stuff for the shore house (need not want) and two books (want not need). 
2. New recipes: including some dips for Year of Dip and vegan mac & cheese Steph has shared a few times. Check on the vegan mac & cheese. I made chive/mascarpone/bacon dip, new hot crab dip, a black/bean avocado dip, snickers dip, cherry cheesecake dip.
4. Imbolc. Check.
5. Schedule annual appointments (mammo, gyn, skin check). Scheduled/went to gyn. Still need to schedule mammo & skin check. 
6. Continue daily walks. Doing it.
7. Get a quote on mini split duct for our apartment at the shore. Yes, it was way more than I expected given the small space so I'm getting another or not doing it at this time.
8. Start looking for a shore sectional again, which i do much of the year, for the fourth year in a row. Need to find and buy by March. Bought it, now fingers crossed it fits in delivery
9. Work on shore house website why can't I do this?
10. Drive By Truckers concert So good. 2/27
11. Chiropractor & acupuncturist Missed the chiro. Check on acupuncture. 
12. Rest, relax, recoup. Moderate success

This was January's.
What's on your agenda for the month?

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