Monday, January 6, 2020

TWTW - the first one in 2020

Friday MFD had the couch covers going in the laundry when I got home. I ate leftovers, finished a book, read an entire other one, and started a third that I was up reading until 1. It was a shitty day all around Friday with fog and rain Friday night so the perfect night to do absolutely nothing.
Saturday MFD did what we've been threatening to do for 10 years: redo the entry floor. Have you heard of Floorpops? They're peel & stick. He applied additional glue to hold them down but I think they're amazing. I did laundry and put it away all in the same day so would like a prize. I also picked up a book at the library and dropped a package off at the post office, finished a book, and started another. We had an early dinner at the Metro Diner with a coupon like solid senior citizens (shitty pic courtesy of diner-ish lighting, but the food was good), then stopped at Marshalls for a table MFD wanted. I closed the night out reading and doing - you guessed it - more laundry. 

Sunday I changed our sheets and cycled laundry as soon as I got up. We had a funeral for our friend’s dad to go to in Jersey in the morning, then returned the table to Marshalls. Still more freaking laundry, food prep, reading, and putting shit away inside in the afternoon while MFD put the outdoor Christmas decorations away, changed spare room sheets, face mask, nails (Essie on the bright cider), I don't know what else. Constant putting shit away and clearing the dining room table 478 times. I finished it out with the Golden Globes.
Weekly food prep: Breakfast is breakfast burritos from the freezer, lunches are leftovers and fun box (I have crackers at work), snacks are snap peas/carrots/kiwi, dinners are Mimi's muffins (that’s the mix for those) then veggie meat sauce from the freezer over pasta with a side salad. I also made cranberry orange muffins from a mix in the pantry. No grocery shopping this week except I will pick up a salad.

Happy birthday to my aunt Sue, her birthday was Saturday!

If you have a few dollars to spare, please consider donating to help Australia, these are just some options of many: a relief fund for First Nations communities, Victorian Bushfire Appeal, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, Celeste Barber's fundraiser, NSW Rural Fire Service, Country Fire Authority, Rural Fire Brigades Association

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