Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls

1. In this week's episode of Can This Marriage Be Saved, MFD keeps changing the toilet paper so it is dispersing from under instead of over and this simply cannot stand. I am having an internal struggle: do I feel more murderous at this toilet paper direction mutiny or when he simply doesn't replace the roll?

2. Let it be known that I had to go to the dentist on Tuesday and since I star in the life spanning film Fear and Loathing in the Dentist Office I always reward myself with something but since I'm doing no spend I didn't. Also I have to go back next week to get old ass fillings replaced. This is how my appointments appear in my calendar.

3. January, am I right?

4. Bruce says I'm right.

5. The shore house is booking up fast which is always awesome.

6. I really like the actors on The Ranch but the laugh track bothers me. So does the insane amount of drinking or talking about drinking they do.

7. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. I've been reading a lot, which is standard January fair around here.

8. For your consideration: Be A Lady They SaidHow I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain; help Frank's nephew, a film student at ASU, make a film and if you can't help, follow the film via the links; Christians are supposed to care about people; find an anti-war protest near you (taking place today).

9. Reminder:

10. Ecards: 

That’ll do it for me. Do you have anything to add?
What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence 

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