Monday, January 27, 2020

TWTW - already the last one in January

Friday Not much doing. MFD was out and I ate, did some walking with weights, and finished a book. 
Saturday I did absolutely nothing for the majority of the day aside from a little work, reading a book from start to finish, and napping.
Saturday night Comedy with Aunt Mary Pat at the Ferko clubhouse. She was super funny and very gracious with time and photos. If you have a chance to see her, get your cokes and your smokes from the Wawa and go see her, hon. 
Sunday I spent much of the day working, which is never the ideal way to spend a Sunday when you work M-F already. I did start a new book and saw my MIL off as she headed back to Wildwood again. Also weekly food prep, ran and emptied the dishwasher, and the plan was to finally put away the laundry that has been sitting for over a week and change the sheets but I fell asleep on the couch from 6-9:30 so that plan died.
Weekly food prep: Breakfast is breakfast burritos from the freezer. Lunches are egg salad or PB/bananas on english muffins. Snacks are bell peppers. Dinner is ham and veggie soup and pasta with veggie meat sauce from the freezer.

January has passed in a blink, hasn't it? We're coming up on the end this week and that seems super fast.

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