Monday, February 3, 2020

TWTW - the year of dip has begun

Friday Was a good day despite me waking up on the wrong side of the bed. I got a manicure at lunch for the first time in a year I think, killed it at work, my new phone came, hopped a train a little after 4 and saved $31 using Target Circle plus got a $10 gift card, came home to dinner made, washed my overly dirty hair, and chilled the F out. I watched the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix. It was interesting to see a young celebrity deal with the expectation of women to be nice and quiet. Also I forgot how fucking terrible Kanye was at the VMAs. 

Saturday I made power breakfast muffins and we piddled around then headed to Fishtown for the grand opening of Harriett's Bookshop at 258 E. Girard Ave. Local friends, check it out. It's a new, small, black woman owned business. These are my buys, MFD got two books too. We tried to get something to eat in Fishtown but our time was limited so we attempted Three Monkeys which was a half hour wait and said fuck it and went to Redhouse Bagels before popping in to Aldi to pick up a few things. 
MFD headed out almost as soon as we got home, and I did laundry and read before setting up my Imbolc altar, and making some lemon poppy seed muffins, salad, salmon, rice, and brussels sprouts for dinner. I set MFD to untangling a mess of three necklaces before he went out, and I finished a book and fell asleep at 1:30.

Sunday I was not asleep long before I heard the old dog crying. He had pooped his way down the stairs and around the first floor, so I was up at the ass crack cleaning that up. MFD joined me and then it took a while but we both went back to sleep until about 10. I did some work work then weekly food prep. The nail photo is why I do my nails myself. Not even three full days. Not my ideal start to a day, sleeping in feels like wasting the day to me, but it was necessary and I rallied.
Dip making for the super bowl. We're all here for the dips, right? This is my self proclaimed Year of Dip. Dip #1 of the year was a chive/mascarpone/bacon dip for which I used Giada's recipe. It was good - I added two additional pieces of bacon, and I'd add two more the next time which would double the amount of bacon in the initial recipe. Dip #2 of the year was a crockpot jumbo lump crab dip that I got from a coworker and is much different than my usual hot crab dip recipe and method. I also made wings but we care more about the dips, right? Also let's get it out of the way from the start that dips photograph terribly but taste delicious.
We went to Frank & Amanda's for the super bowl through the first three quarters. The half time show was awesome with over 40 ladies out there killing it, the company was great, and I ate too much. And I painted my nails in the back room with the younger girls since i felt the need to remove Friday’s nail salon chipped polish LOL. 

Weekly food prep: Breakfast is scrambled eggs topped with broccoli that will get made tonight, no room in the fridge yesterday. Snacks are cucumbers and dip. Dinner is the broccoli/chicken/bacon dish I pulled from the freezer over leftover rice and chili with corn bread. The chili is loaded with veggies - red onion, zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms. Salads on the side of both. Still working through those freezers. Lunches are leftovers or PB&J on Dave's bread.

How was yours? 

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