Thursday, January 2, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - deep way down in your heart you're burning, yearning for some-somebody to tell you that life ain't passing you by

Closing the door on 2019 with a new front door color - Modern Masters Tranquil. I loved the yellow but it was time for a change. I painted it on NYE and I'm pleased with it. I'll be more pleased after we put the new entry floor down this weekend.

Progressing in the basement as well before we closed the year out - a pipe was rerouted and new floor put down in the back room on 12/31. I need to finalize the paint color and MFD needs to prime and paint and then we'll be done for now down there. The entire rest of the basement needs attention on floors, ceilings, and walls, but it's fine for now.

Starting the new year with much less STUFF in the house since we did so much down in the basement to purge and donate and organize what remains. It feels so much lighter and so much better in my head. Still more to do and I need to get rid of some photo albums and box those photos but it's still a great start.

Mummering yesterday. Well, walking in basically a 10 block area up and down visiting while other people mummered but you know. Congrats to our friends in South Philly on first prize! I haven't seen it, but there were apparently two wench brigade members in blackface. The Mummers need to have a zero tolerance policy on blackface, period. Excuses or "two out of how many" are just defending racism. Stop doing it.
Eating leftovers. Our traditional New Year's Day meal is roasted pork on a bed of sauerkraut, mashed potatoes chock full of butter and heavy cream, and corn.

Buying nothing aside from necessities in January and February. I will reevaluate in March. No spend is on. Anyone else doing this? One, I don't need a damn thing and two, I don't need a damn thing. The only non-necessities on the list are a physical book a friend from school published.

Revisiting the 80s classics. Vincent has not seen many of them and he's been over so so far we've watched Dirty Dancing and Footloose, so of course the lyrics after Thursday Thoughts are Footloose by Kenny Loggins.

Loving the Wednesday new year. It's like a series of mini weekends. Two days of this week left counting today and that is totally doable.

Reading my first book of 2020, Forgotten Secrets by Robin Perini. I finished my last book of 2019 like 10 minutes before midnight. It was an Avery Black Mystery. I'm waiting for a shitload of books to come in from the library which means they'll all come at once.

Setting my Goodreads challenge where I've been setting it - 100. I like knowing how many books I've read in a year, but if I don't hit that arbitrary # that's okay and if I exceed it that's okay too. Reading is what I like to do in my spare time, not something to push myself on or be down on myself about because of some arbitrary number. I wish it was called like Goodreads Book Tracker or something because something about challenge makes people weird about it. They're books, everyone. Enjoy them. Also, it doesn't matter how many books anyone else has read. The amount you read and the speed at which you read is fine.

Painting my nails any way I please. This is OPI Made it to the Seventh Hill, OPI Red, and Essie No Place Like Chrome.
Digging the Women's March 2020 top three goals

Reminding all

Laughing at this because I don't pretend to like people. Civility and liking is different. I don't like everyone and everyone doesn't like me and we're all going to be fine.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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