Monday, January 13, 2020

TWTW - the one with no title seriously I need a new title system

Friday Pretty much a nothing doing night. Hanging with the dog crew, salad and mozz sticks for dinner, relaxing and reading. 
Saturday 8 am hair appointment/visit with my friend since first grade, Kristi, who also happens to be my hair stylist. I got right on the turnpike after that to see my BFF Laura. I don't do this often enough. We had lunch and strolled the town, got coffee and hit HomeGoods and Stew Leonard's (my first experience, I want one near here). It was nice to see Laura's mom and Chris also. Little Michael was very busy and funny and not into photos at all. I was back close to home by 5:30 and stopped for groceries at Target and purchased nothing off the list. I fell asleep on the couch and moved myself up to bed around 10 I think. 
Sunday I changed our sheets as soon as I got up then I got a little stuck. I managed to get the two small dogs bathed then felt terrible. MFD went to pick up my prescriptions and I pushed through some food prep then lay down for a full three hours which I just don't do. I got up and powered through the rest but was happy to be on the couch by six doing nothing. Well something. I finished a book in the morning and started another one at night.
Weekly food prep: Breakfast is granola over greek yogurt, lunches are hard boiled eggs with everything but the bagel seasoning plus carrots/celery/fruit, dinners are a pasta dish with mushrooms, onions, broccoli, sausage, pork gravy (freezer/pantry clean out), salads, and quesadillas later in the week. I also made power breakfast muffins and breakfast burritos to freeze.

Happy birthday to my sister-in-law Aubrey today! Love you! 

Show Us Your Books tomorrow! 

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