Wednesday, January 15, 2020

My winter creature comfort requirements

Yes, we are talking winter requirements today even though it's going to be 56 degrees. On January 16. To be a further buzzkill, the only requirements are food/water/shelter, so these are my creature comfort requirements. 

Stash peppermint tea. I drink it most nights.

Beanies with brims. I like the CC brand.


Slippers with hard bottoms for taking the dogs out

Elderberry extract

Vitamin D

A brisk rental booking season at the shore 

J.B. Field's Super Wool Hiker GX socks. I want warm feet but hate clingy socks that make my feet sweat. I've been wearing these for almost five  years

A home project 

Hydrating face masks 

New recipes to try 

Lots of free weekends for energy restoration 

A personal project/quest/something I’m actively pursuing

Time to lounge and dream

O’keeffes Working Hands

Things on the calendar to look forward to 


What are your winter requirements? 

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