Monday, July 2, 2018

TWTW - the one with the Philadelphia Freedom

I got my beloved purse back Friday, signed up for Plastic Free July (will you?), visited Baby Seeeeve and Lola Jean who took 23944987 photos with my phone, fretted over Gus, and was in bed with a book by 11. Sleep was fruitless as Bruce Springsteen was crying all night and pooping and puking.
Saturday Bruce was better but Gus wasn't, and I got him a late afternoon appointment before hitting the grocery store. Then we were off to the Families Belong Together rally in Philly. I was already upset by dog issues but man, hearing a 13 year old girl crying trying to talk about what happened to her family who came here seeking can people live supporting this? I was also happy to hear the messaging all tied together - you can't be upset about kids in cages and not be upset about brown kids being shot in the back for no reason. Kim from heeded my meet me there calls last week and met us, which was awesome. We work not too far from each other so drinks and/or dinner are in our future!
I'm proud of everyone who showed up in towns big and small yesterday to say we should be better than this. 
Amtrak switch problems fucked us getting home so we had to get off the train 20 minutes away and Uber. We were in a time crunch so I could get Gus to the vet. They confirmed what I have pretty much known - Gus has cancer. I declined the zillion dollar biopsy but the vet was confident there was no need. We'll just watch him and when he's ready to go, he's ready to go. We're already on borrowed time and the vet seemed to think weeks, maybe months, not years but we'll see when we see. Since he's approaching 13, we're not pursuing any treatment. He barked everyone out of the vet as he does and was a loon all afternoon so safe to day it's not right now. Bruce was also recovered from his sickness of eating God knows what and Mae was over both of them. 
The heat and the vet and the angst from the rally took it out of me, so I chilled out Saturday night and finished a book while MFD was out door knocking.
Sunday we slept in due to shitty sleep Saturday. I love that Bruce no longer gets up at 4:30 to pee. Then it was picking up, wiping down bathrooms, paying bills, food prepping,etc. 
Weekly food prep: I made greek orzo salad, hummus, hotdogs, and cut up watermelon and veggies and pita. I will be making breakfast burritos and mexican stuffed shells to freeze this week. 
Sunday afternoon Debbie and I went door to door for MFD, sweating our fucking asses off. Literally it was like being boiled inside and we were only out for an hour and a half. 98 freaking degrees. Video of us dripping with sweat here.  We came back to the air conditioning, hydrated, and ate, then Debbie went home and I had a rest on the couch with los perros. I basically rested the rest of the night and finished a book because heat takes it out of me. 

A disjointed week ahead - I'm working today and Tuesday, we're obviously off Wednesday, working Thursday, and heading to the shore Thursday night with Debbie so I'm off Friday. 

And yours? 

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