Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - lights out tonight trouble in the heartland

1. Can you even? Should I just make this an entire post of dog photos? LOL forever at Mae's lip in the bottom shot.
2. Things I do not advise: carrying a big crockpot (empty) from your car to the train to the DD to the office without a bag. One of our shore guests left it there and I'm meeting her husband today to hand it off. Which I meant to do in a nice big carrier bag. I forgot that this morning and I lost a stainless steel straw and muttered under my breath at pretty much everyone in the process. I hate carrying awkward shit in on the train. I also do not advise walking down the street staring at your phone because you make normal non violent people want to bust a cap in your ass. Look up! The world is going on around you and you're walking into people.

3. I had to drop something off to Aubrey Tuesday and she fed me and I got to see the hawk that's been hanging around their yard. I like being able to pop in on the fam in the middle of the week.
4. Aside from the forgetting the bag for the crockpot snafu from this morning, I've actually done everything that has been on my list this week - Monday was calling about an alarm hearing, going to the pet store and Home Depot, doing some shore laundry, painting nails and toes; Tuesday was going to the bank and Stephen & Aubrey's, emailing future renters, and making marinade for chicken; Wednesday was getting my eyebrows waxed, ordering a lock for the shore, picking up around the house, grilling chicken, more laundry. I've gotten most of my stuff on my daily lists done at work too. Productivity level expert this week. Pin a rose on my nose.

5. Not on the agenda but a damn good use of time: a Tuesday night group text on glamour shots and bringing them back. Not in today's styles. In 80s or 90s only. It's the only way and it needs to happen.

6. I'm spending some extra time down the shore next week with Kim and her fam in from Boston and I cannot wait. MFD will actually be there too instead of me being there while he's home working and campaigning - well, instead of doing those things in person...he never actually stops doing those things. Still, I'm looking forward to a little bit of normal in a year that has been anything but.

7. Not normal: a fucking embarrassing NATO insanity act accusing Germany of being on Russia's tit when he himself is, nominating a judge who was Kennedy's clerk and doesn't believe in women's choice and healthcare and doesn't believe in presidents abiding by the same laws as the rest of us to SCOTUS (some of his fellow Yalies are not pleased with this), not reuniting the motherfucking kids with their parents and causing truly irreparable harm to children, on and on and on. Amy Siskind's Weekly List on Authoritarianism is the only way to keep up with it all. There's not enough bullet points in Thursday Thoughts for the huge shit avalanches that happen daily. I don't care if your senator doesn't care. Be on the phone and on ResistBot and sending postcards to these people. We are tired but we are not nearly done until we get the people who choose greed over their souls out of office. On both sides of the aisle.
8. I'm about this.
9. Reminder:
10. E-card of the week: Constantly.

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