Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - look into the mirror who's inside there, the one with the long hair...same old me again today

1. I went a little zucchini crazy at the farm market so Tuesday night I made zucchini muffins (basically took my power breakfast muffin recipe and substituted two cups of shredded zucchini for the bananas) and zucchini pie. Bruce Springsteen assisted.

2. From the MFD doesn't know where anything goes department:

3. I sent my longtime friend and stylist Kristi at Sensational Scissors a text yesterday too, informing her my hair looked like a straw hobo’s. She fixed it right up for me last night as always.

4. This is how we feel about being without a dryer for what feels like an eternity, but since we were down the shore part of the time has really only been eight days that I've been home. The part is finally in and they're coming today between noon and three to fix it. I'm working from home so I can perform a welcome dance for them. Huge thanks to my Mom who did a shit ton of our laundry and my brother who did shore towels and a quilt yesterday. Praise be, fam. They're the reason I haven't set the entire state of Pennsylvania aflame with my liquid hot magma rage through this edition of first world problems. I deal better with major life or death issues than I do living without a washer or dryer. Life is funny, the things that get to us.

5. Vile piece of utter shit

6. Please read these words by Shaun King and these by Elizabeth Gilbert on the murder of Nia Wilson. Say her name.

7. About that white supremacy - it doesn't stand without white women enabling it. At this point in time, it is not enough to not be a racist. We have to remove our bricks from the pyramid, yes, but we also need to take the bricks away from other people. The only way to topple systemic racism is from the inside. Might I say something or do something that's not helpful even when I think it is and be corrected? Yes. Is that a reason to say nothing? No. We all have a platform in this social media age. Hell we all have a face to face platform and always have. And every one of us has at some point engaged in behavior on this pyramid or excused it in others. We can’t re-write history and be perfect in the past. We can drop the whataboutism and defense posturing and really think about how things actually are for people of color and indigenous people - how they ARE, not how we want them to be so nothing about our lives has to change. We need to do better when we know better. Every minute is another opportunity to know better, do better, and be better. Pick up the hammer and smash this.
Speaking of, PA friends, look out for these people. We have a lot of them.
9. Reminder: Let's remember which pretties matter most. 

10. E-card of the week: Is falling in love with an e-card at first sight a thing? It is now.

Rolling into another weekend like hey ohhhhhh. 


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