Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn

1. Debbie and I checked out Photo Pop Philly on Tuesday night. It was fun and interactive. It's there until July 8. $25, take a quick pop in and support local artists then have some dinner.

2. Which is what we did. Most places on 13th were packed. We ended up at Tredici and the food was good. Small portions compared to what our fat asses are used to but very filling and the service was great.

3. Worst fucking week. Kennedy is retiring (I'll be calling all of you who said Roe vs. Wade would never be overturned to stand next to me in the street soon), Janus v AFSCME (how are Union members who voted for trump feeling, and how about the people who thought both sides are the same?), it is now legal to lie to women about their health and options, and it's legal to discriminate over religion (does anyone recall the country being founded on freedom of religion?). Oh, and people think that not serving a lying fascist who condones child abuse at a restaurant is just as bad if not worse than a week in the pit of hell. And Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer agree. Fuck you guys! We're going to hell in a handbasket, fuck being polite to people who do not give a shit about humanity. Meanwhile dems are still arguing over finding perfect candidates for everything and needling every damn thing to death. GET MOVING! WORK! Stop talking, get off the Internet, get candidates in office that are going to work for PEOPLE, not elites. FUCK IT ALL right now. America, your birthday is cancelled next week. I'm fucking pissed and these people at some point in the week made points that I agreed with and now I'm showing them to you.
4. Two bright spots: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beats out a corporate dem and the cop who shot Antwon Rose has been charged with homicide. Also this article by Will Bunch of Philly. Find an End Family Detention event on Saturday and show up. John Lewis, after all he's been through, is probably like HEY ASSHOLES! This has been like five minutes for you compared to my life time. KEEP SHOWING UP.

5. Okay, I finally got an InstantPot. It was a deal of the day, $30 off, and I used some of my gift card from my girlfriends. Who has recipes? Sharing is caring. Lay them on me. 

6. I'm about to finish my third book since Saturday night. I forgot my kindle at the shore. I have one ready to be picked up at the library. I also ordered Amber Tamblyn's book Any Man because no libraries were carrying it and holy shit she liked my IG comment huzzah fangirl hurrah. 
7. I tried the white nail polish (Insta-Dri White About Now). The jury is still out - I might just dislike white polish - but the Insta-Dri formula application was smooth and streak-free. 

8. I feel you Mae. 

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week: Weird how some self professed patriots wave both flags, don't you think? Even though one is the flag of treason?

Happy happy birthday to my brother-in-law Mark today!

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