Monday, July 9, 2018

TWTW - the three dayer

If you didn't see the video of Debbie getting Bruced in the car on the way to the shore Thursday night, you should. Friday was rainy, so after coffee on the porch we went to the newly re-opened Chatterbox for lunch and perused the Asbury Ave. shops between the rain drops. The dogs got bones and MFD and I got soap, which we are out of. Anyone know the Mummer artist? I liked her stuff in Stainton's.
We celebrated National Fried Chicken Day with fried chicken from Boyar's (completely delicious, we even had it for lunch on the beach on Saturday), then took Bruce for a long walk to Aunt Betty's Ice Cream Parlor. He's not the favorite, but he is the only dog who can make it that far and the only one who has excess energy.
Saturday morning sunrise followed by not the best turnover situation. I had a lot to do in and out of the house and I'm glad Debbie was there to occupy the dogs.
We ran into Jared, his girlfriend and her fam at the Chatterbox Friday and were happy to see them one more time heading onto the beach Saturday. It was chilly but relaxing. We were there for a few hours then spent a few hours on the porch with the dogs and met our new guests who were very nice.
We tried The Farm Stand at 14th for dinner. Love the location right off the boards and the food was very good. I will definitely be going back to have tacos. We followed it up with browsing, people watching, and gelato from Shriver's. 
I was rudely woken for a 6 am dog walk, then went back to bed until 8:30. It was glorious.

I set the pics up for this blog before we peaced out to the beach to have pizza for lunch, people watch, rest our eyes, glare at people who continually hit us with their ball, and my favorite - read a book wrapped in a blanket under the umbrella. Heaven. Oh! And I saw the Flat Earthers again, this time they had a huge set up and put their insanity on display for all to see. 
Showering, more dog ice cream bought for them by Auntie, and a 10 pm arrival home to round out the weekend. 

Five day week for me, then a two or three dayer next week. Boom shakalaka. And tomorrow is Show Us Your Books! See you back here for that. 

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