Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - I like the way your sparkling earrings lay against your skin so brown

1. Two day work week. I dig it. When I wasn't working this week I was finding complete joy in my goddaughter and of course her parents. We did a stroll on Asbury Ave Tuesday morning and rides and pizza on Tuesday night and I stopped to see them Wednesday night before I left. It's not great to live away from your best friends, but Kim and I text or email pretty much daily. It's harder to live away from their little people who don't do that yet, so it was really nice to see Libby multiple days in multiple moods and I loved all of them.
2. Spending time with my husband where we were both in the same place and awake for more than 10 minutes. It occurred to me the other day that this season in life is so nuts that I haven't even had the chance to jot down any Shit MFD Said notes. These few days were good for our marriage, and we're going to try to do a Monday and Tuesday in early August to do the same and I'm forcing him to take off on his birthday too. He's thankfully very busy right now helping people buy and sell houses and he'd knock on doors to talk to people in our community about why he's running for state rep in November at midnight if they'd let him, so I forced him down here even though he spent much of the time working. He feels like he has to spend all of his time not working to make money for us to live working on this campaign in order to be taken seriously and while I'm not discounting his feelings, the fact that our political system is built that way pisses me off. If anyone thinks he's not serious, please come live in my house for a few days. No, actually, just one day. You just need to spend one day in our life right now to know how serious he is. I saw John Fetterman, running for Lt. Gov of PA, who I love, on the boardwalk before 6 am on Wednesday morning. I wanted to give him a thumbs up and stop him but even more I wanted him to just be able to be a guy finding some peace taking a walk by the sea early on a Wednesday in mid-July.
3. Catching up with my longest time BFF Jen and her husband Neil on the beach, where we talked about hardly seeing each other even though we live close. 

4. Wearing Bruce out on the dog beach and hanging with the old dogs. When MFD took them home Tuesday night, I realized it was the first time in forever I had been truly alone with not even one dog. It was sort of cool to ramble around on my own schedule without worrying about walks and feeding them.
5. Drinking a lot of coffee and eating fresh tomatoes with a lot of salt, fun plates, PB&J on the beach, fries drowned in ketchup and under the cover of Wonderland so no damn seagulls could get at them, and of course mint julep Kohr Bros.
6. Sorting recycles on my own because our cans were overflowing so I had to go to the recycle place. People. Rinse your recycles. Walking in a soft rain on the boardwalk. Picking up library books and accepting compliments on my Bruce Springsteen shirt. Reading two books and starting a third. Sitting by myself on the beach. Strolling the farmers market. Watching the sunrise. Seeing America the band in concert. Accepting my hair is a fright wig here. Painting my nails (OPI's This Color's Making Waves). Trying belif's pore cleaner bubble foam (I loved it). Paying bills. Scheduling a dryer repairman appointment (home) and water deliveries (shore).
7. When I'm at the shore for more than two days at a time, I really sink into my life there. I slide so completely into the rhythm of it that coming back to Philly feels like being ripped from the womb. It's entirely different from being on vacation where I have in the back of my mind all the time that this is lovely and awesome but temporary. One day this will not be temporary, and my spirit keeps saying when? 

8. I can't even and I'm not going to. I have no kindness left. It's fucked up when people who scream bloody murder about how unpatriotic it is to kneel for the National Anthem to protest injustice in the imbalance of the criminal justice system or how unpatriotic it is to not refer to this treasonous greedy disaster of a president as Mr. President do not consider it unpatriotic for the president himself to be treasonous poison in everyone's water.

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