Wednesday, July 25, 2018

You get a prize

Children get rewards for good behavior. If adults did, these might be some of the things we'd get a prize for:

Putting the toilet paper on the roll quietly when someone has left it off instead of screaming WTF!

Leaving Target with the things on your list and nothing else

Making dinner instead of ordering food

Putting the laundry away instead of leaving it in baskets

Refraining from ramming asshole drivers

Not eating the entire pan of brownies within 24 hours

Completing daily essential house tasks instead of melting into the couch after work while slovenliness creeps in around us

Using our words to articulate why people suck instead of name calling and middle finger throwing

Finishing an entire season of a show in one week but still managing to maintain work and life status quo

Sleeping through the night

Crossing everything off of your to do list even if you added some things you've already done to start that streak off

Remaining calm in traffic or on delayed/fucked up public transportation

What petty adult thing do you think is prize-worthy?

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