Monday, July 16, 2018

TWTW - the one that's still going

Friday I packed shit up and Mae and I took off for a girls only night at the shore. By the time I got everything in the house and settled, it was after 11.
Saturday sunrise and a reminder why it is bad to release balloons - this is the string caught up in seaweed. They get tied up in creatures too.
Lots to do for turnover Saturday, I was a sweating mess by the end and didn't sit down to finish my coffee until 12:45. Mae and I had some walks, I met up with a coworker on the beach, picked up a freaking awesome mug at Hearth & Sole on Asbury then stopped for an iced green lavender tea from Barefoot Market.
I spent much of Saturday night with Kim and Steve and the smartest cutest goddaughter Libby in from Boston. Why has teleportation not been invented yet? I need answers. MFD and the boys arrived around 9:30.
I slept for shit Saturday night, asleep after 1 and up before 6 to walk the dogs. Around 8:30 I rode my bike up to the boards to get coffee at Locals and go for a stroll with Kim, Steve, and Libby. MFD met up a little later in need of coffee and dorky sunglass clip ons. It was a humid sweaty good time. 
I got almost two hours in on the beach before going back to the house for a leisurely Sunday afternoon rest. I finished a book and we took a few walks. 
Steve & Kim made us an awesome dinner and it was so nice to sit outside with my people and also to not leave on Sunday. MFD and Steve went fishing with Jimmy and Kim and I lingered over wine until we yawned each other out at 10. 

Still living the dream at the shore spending more time with Kim & Steve & Libby and meeting up with Jen and fam at some point. Totally out of office and I'll see you back here on Thursday.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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