Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The little things have been saving my life

When the big things are overwhelming and hard or just too much all together, it really is the little things that save our asses and make each day bearable.

For me, that's been...

Pizza, Key Lime or Grapefruit La Croix, plums, and FroYo as beach eats

Super easy food because I'm already in summer cooking mode which in two months will be tomato sandwiches and that's it (I'll move on from food now, I promise)

The cool, silent aisles of the library

Standing with my feet in the ocean, eyes on the horizon

Ridiculous red sunglasses + blu red LipSense

One million puppy kisses from Bruce Springsteen

Sleeping in until 7:30 (yes, instead of sunrises a lot of weekends)

Listening to what my body needs, not sacrificing that for what I want to do (see immediately preceding point)

Mae's face in pockets

Working from home at least one day a week

Micellar water for the lazy days

Laughing every time I pick up dog poop thanks to these poop bags from Debbie


What's been saving your life lately?

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