Tuesday, June 19, 2018

It's easier to step up onto the ledge if you have people behind you to catch you

I can't think about anything aside from kidnapped migrant children caged in Texas right now, so an on the campaign trail check in seems appropriate.

I'm fucking done arguing with people online about this. You can support immigration reform and still be categorically against separating families. If you're grasping at straws to excuse what is happening, I'm done with you. You don't understand that asylum is legal and we are bound by our own laws and international law to accept and process asylum seekers and turning yourself into agents after you cross the border IS how you seek asylum. I am not going to give you the same links to photos taken NOW while you rail on about how they are from 2014. Your brain can clearly not accept what a terrible thing is happening. Go ahead, you spend your time arguing online about how these people were wrong so if the United States Government has kidnapped their children, OH WELL. I will be spending my time motivating people who have a heart and soul and don't belong to the Cult of trump and White Supremacy even if they did vote for him to try to act on behalf of all kids.
Visit here to keep up on a June 30 action and call your Senators today. Other things to do:
* contact your congressional representative and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 5950, the HELP Separated Children Act
* contact your Senator and ask them to cosponsor both S. 3036 and S. 2937
* If your Senator is already supporting these bills, thank them and tell them that you hope they will be at the forefront of aggressively promoting them
* Tweet at @SpeakerRyan and @SenateMajLdr using the hashtag #KeepFamiliesTogether and tell them to prioritize these bills. TWEETS MATTER!! 
* Talk to friends
* Text RESIST to 50409
*If you are in Philly today from 5-8 and can take part in an in-person action, there's one in the Rittenhouse area

Anyway back to the campaign trail...

Because why the fuck would anyone run for office if not to stop shit like this from happening. Seriously. Running for office is insane and living with someone running for office is insane. It’s an easy thing for me to resent and feel selfish about because life as we knew it has been turned on its head. Then I see headlines like this week and think someone stop this and well it’s not going to be stopped until more people are in office at every level that would not let it happen in the first place. MFD's incumbent opponent is anti-immigrant. If you'd like to donate or volunteer to door knock, phone bank, or write postcards so we don't have anti-immigrant people in office at any level, click here.

And here we are.

Luckily it's only for a season, and luckily we're not alone.

Thursday night MFD had a little fundraiser here in the city. It was sparsely attended, as many things early on in a campaign are. It's difficult to get people out from behind their keyboards. It's months away from Election Day. It's not the primary thing on anyone's mind or schedule. Except ours.

On the campaign trail, you meet so many people, and most of them are wonderful. You burn hot with them immediately - given your corresponding values and yes, sometimes your corresponding outrage at the current administration - your synergy is shimmery and fluid right away. People want access to you, to know you - who you are and what you're about.

But you can't exactly trust everyone because do you know politics? Even though everyone wants you to trust them and even though you want to trust them and even though you think everyone in politics should sure as shit be trustworthy - not just the people in office, but the people working hard to get others in there.

Not trusting is not easy for me. We are inclusive, trusting people because being exclusive, distrustful people requires too much energy. I am a good judge of character. I don't ignore warning signs about people. My instincts are on point, I am an intuitive, I see things plainly in my mind and I trust my gut. This situation requires that, of course, every situation does - but it requires an additional arm’s length just to be safe.

In our time together we’ve survived storms the likes of which some people have never seen in a boat that's ugly and battered and patched beyond belief. You can't man an ugly hulking limping along boat alone though, not through those kinds of storms. You need your people at the helm next to you.

Campaigning makes you uniquely vulnerable. Even me, the spouse. Someone who doesn't often find themselves in a vulnerable position often because I just don't allow it beyond a certain circle of people. This has been isolating - self inflicted in some cases, as evidenced by the arm’s length referenced above. So to be anywhere and see even one of our people there in the crowd, just to lock eyes across the room or to know they’re present is a hug for my soul. Like there's someone who will catch me in a trust fall. I'm fine. The night will go on, I will use up every ounce of energy I have tonight and attempt to recharge it in the next few days like an introvert does. Everything is fine.

The thing about marriage is you don't often marry someone like yourself. That is 100% the case here. MFD is comfortable out among people, talking to people he doesn't know, being his friendly and open self. I am...not comfortable in those spaces. So while it's him putting himself out there as the candidate, this little stuff is harder for me. Our people make it a million times easier. Thursday night it was Evan. Maybe another time it was you.

Thank you.

Happy birthday to my Mom who celebrates today. Love you Mom! See you tomorrow. And happy birthday to my cousin Ashley as well!

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