Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - when I think of those East End lights muggy nights the curtains drawn in the little room downstairs

1. Happy summer solstice. Cheers to the longest day of the year, the most light, and the gift of energy to move you from this phase to the next on your terms.
2. That's some strange woman shit to lay on you first thing, I know. Who do that voodoo that we do and all.

3. It's also the official calendar start to summer. Cheers to light lingering long into the night, bike rides, reading on the beach, flowers everywhere, and fountains spraying  in the city.
4. And summer food of course - Jersey produce, tomato sandwiches on repeat. Hotdogs.
5.  I worked from my Mom's yesterday afternoon so we could have lunch for her birthday that she made and also served to us. Thanks for that on your birthday +1 Mom! LOL It was nice to dip my feet in the pool, kiss on Baby Seeeeeve, and "work" next to Lola Jean - she got her play computers and phone out too. I also taught her to say "no pictures please" with her hand up. It was a riot.
6. MFD and I hit Aldi after that, and I got home in total about five hours after I left. To a fucking fly infestation in the basement that I freaked out over and made a lunatic lady instagram story series about complete with grammatical errors and I was so jacked up I didn't even care. The worst: after I ran out and got tools to kill them, freaking Mae and Bruce were fighting over who would get to eat their dead carcasses. I know. I die. You too? Let's move on.

7. In addition to Lord of The Flies: The Horror Story and Bruce breaking my Dyson stick vac at the shore Sunday (will report in on zillion dollar cheaper replacement this weekend, thanks Lori!), some dildo hacked my MAC card to buy $159 worth of haircare fraudulently. And I have a dentist appointment today to replace fillings. I'm not one to wish days away but I'm ready to move on to Friday night. Jesus take the wheel this week.

8. I'm still exhausted from battling the kids in cages with the calls and the resistbotting and the Pence in Philly rally Tuesday night (way to stand up Philly - loud, crowded, and fucking pissed). This BS EO stopping it solves nothing, does not reunite already separated families, does not address the children's trauma, kids have been moved all over the country, and we are still in a major fucking crisis here. Show Up on June 30 to a Families Belong Together event near you (click the link to find the closest one). If anyone wants to go to Philly but has never done anything like this before, contact me and I'll meet you. We can do it together. We need to act outside of the computer screens here and put bodies on the street. This is important. Good people of the world, also please if this is really the thing that has pushed you over, learn from my mistakes: do not attempt to share actual information online with people who come armed to every opportunity to speak with their Fox News talking points. Just fucking save yourself and don't, okay? Otherwise and including this, I know you are tired. Keep showing up anyway. TODAY - PLEASE CALL YOUR REP IN THE HOUSE - re: Paul Ryan's immigration bill. Click here for ACLU info and to be routed to your rep

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:

Et tu, Brute?

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