Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The June Seven

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1. Reduce clutter no
2. No two days in a row of ice cream at the shore yes!
3. More salads nope, but more raw veggies and fruit overall

1. Call Ocean City about trash from pipe yes
2. Beach trash pick up yes

1. New recipes: broccoli cauliflower saladfrozen yogurt, no and no, second month in a row on both
2. Going to bed earlier yes

1. Only necessities aside from my coffee - yes, until I bought the instant pot on sale (already returned), and Amber Tamblyn's book

1. Purge dresses and t-shirts nope
2. Continue gathering updated shore house menus yes
3. Vacuum car nope
Needs to be done eventually but is clearly not getting done so need a break from it being a numbered item: 
Blog recommendations tab / shore house blog

Continuing to cook from freezer/pantry yes

Cooking at whim until that's finished yes

Happy happy birthday to Kim today! Can't wait to see you this weekend. And happy happy birthday to Jana today! Hope to see you soon. 


  1. Love this way of looking at the month-- and that's such a cool photo!

  2. Such a great way to look at the month, I need to remember this to try for JULY!

  3. I highly doubt I could adhere to no ice cream days in a row at the shore. I'd be breaking that rule every dang night...

  4. Ugh, yes, more salads, less ice cream.

  5. Are you sure you didn't mean 7 days in a row of ice cream??? :) Jk

  6. I am trying to cut down on spending too. It seems like the more efforts I make, the more I end up needing though lol. I could do with some more salads and less other shit too.

  7. Going to bed earlier - that's always on my list. It never seems to happen for me though. Salads - I used to love them and now I can't even remember the last time I had one and that's sad.

  8. trash from pipe? and can you eat ice cream twice in the SAME day?

  9. haha no two days of ice cream. It's an awful habit when you get into it. If I were at the boardwalk, I can't even imagine the lack of self-control I'd have.

  10. We do need to see each other soon! Fun fact: I'm officially addicted to Little Egg Harbor Soap Company.

    I'm working through decluttering, too. It's a bitch but a necessary one.

  11. I need more salads too. To the point where I'm craving them.

  12. mmm ice cream two days in a row would be so awesome though haha. definitely checking out that froze yogurt recipe. i've been going to bed really late lately because i stay up and read. then i sleep in and don't go to the gym. so i really need to work on going to bed before midnight - i used to be in bed by 9 lol.

  13. I completely disagree with your ice cream plan. Isn't that the purpose of the shore? Escaping real life? HMM. You might need an intervention.


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