Monday, June 25, 2018

TWTW - the one with the swamp ass

Enticing title, no? Let us begin.

Friday afternoon I dropped my beloved purse off to be repaired. At 5 I got to the train station, no train pass. Dug through my belongings twice in the train station, back to the office to dig through the MF’ing trash before my dumb ass realized it was with the repair guy in the purse. Picked that up and made my way to Sam's, then home to put away laundry, pack a bag, pack the car, and set out for the shore at 8 with Bruce. I didn't get there until 10:30, following a truck with 42383498 kayaks the whole way. Deliver me. I did arrive to sweet notes and gifts from Kate, Dan, and the kids who were in our apartment last week.
 Saturday was rainy but not enough to keep us from a long walk. I parked what needed to go upstairs, did the turnover work and visited with the guests checking out and in, and then I hit the library.
Debbie came down for the afternoon and we both went along on Bruce's Big Day Out to his favorite store Blue Lotus and his favorite lunch spot, Jon & Patty's.
I did two things out of character Saturday: ordered a latte, which I threw out after a few sips because I hate sugary drinks but it looked so good; and purchased white nail polish. Who am I? I don't know. I'm  hoping the consistency of the Insta-Dri (whyyy not dry) will magically make me like white nail polish. If you do your nails at home you need the cuticle remover.
Debbie headed home and I started a new book. We took a super long walk and Bruce was the most popular dog in town per usual. Really though we spend the majority of our time there walking when it's just me and Bruce. I meant to go to bed early but, new book. 
We got up at 5 on Sunday for the sunrise but were met with ferocious fog so we went back to sleep and eased into the day at a more reasonable time with super buttered up muffins and strawberries. I made shower spray and hand soap and picked up a 4Ocean bracelet at Henry's for Aubrey. Every bracelet pulls a pound of trash out of the ocean. 
We also hit the dog beach just over the Longport Bridge. Bruce was suspect at first then had the fucking best time off leash running like a loon and making friends. We'll surely be back. 
More walks - Ocean City flowers are popping right now - cleaning up outside and chatting with current guests before we left at 12:40. We got home to MFD and canvassers. I'm so grateful for everyone helping. It is hard not to feel like I should be doing that when I'm at the shore, but I have to manage that because life is still happening outside of this venture. 
I ran to the grocery store to pick up stuff for dinner and read a bit while grilling. 
Weekly food prep: scrambled eggs and baby bella mushrooms with cheese. Lunch and dinners - grilled sausage and kielbasa, grilled veggies, potato salad. 

I got a glorious shower - this humidity is nuts - and finished my book in the air conditioning. I watched some episodes of The Wire too. Man I love that show.

How was your weekend? 

And two questions for you about next weekend: do you want to meet me at the End Family Detention event in Philly on Saturday, and are you available to help us canvas for MFD on Sunday

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