Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June 2018 recommendations

Hello, Tuesday. Hello, end of June. How are we here already? 
Half the year, dunzo.
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1. Pause. Look at the flowers - so glorious this time of year, before summer burns them like fire.

2. Reusable Gallon Bags - The ziplocs are the hardest to give up, yes? But throwing them out makes me feel like an awful plastic licker inside. I love these and you can't beat the two for $5.99 price.

3. Reusable Quart-ish bags - Sandwich or quart, I don't know. But I love how these seal. $11.99 for one but worth it.

4. Sugru Moldable Glue - I know, this is specialized and FWP-ish but Bruce ate the ends of my fucking sunglasses and I was desperate to salvage them because I'm trying not to buy shit I don't need right now, and they are perfectly good aside from that. This did the trick. I don't stab myself putting them on and you can't even tell when I'm wearing them.

5. Teaching your daughters not to measure their strength by how much pain they can endure.

6. Birkenstock Gizeh EVA flops - Second month in a row of a Birkenstock recommendation, I don't even recognize myself. About $60 cheaper and 100 pounds lighter than the regular birkenstocks but still supportive. Bruce and I walk miles and miles and miles and these are more suitable for sand than regular Birkenstocks too.

7. If you want to change the country's landscape, donate a few hours to the campaign of a candidate you believe in. In your district or out of it. Getting people who represent your beliefs in office doesn't happen by posting on social media. That helps, but is the least effective method. It's making calls, writing postcards, knocking on doors, donating money. Boring, annoying shit that feels like work because it IS work. Work that must be done. I'm canvassing for MFD Sunday, let me know if you want to join us. I'm also organizing a postcard campaign - if you are interested in donating the materials and postage and your time to do that, let me know so I can get you on a list. Info will be provided, you don't have to write from scratch.

8. Switching to Disqus commenting for your blogger blog. Google/Blogger has known about the comment issue since May 25. They aren't fixing it because it's a free service and they don't want to. It was easy. Follow the directions and take your time. I had to alter the HTML code (directions for that too).

Annnd the 6 qt InstaPot is $30 off today so I used my Amazon gift card for that. I hope to be recommending that in the future.

Happy birthday to Steve & Joe today!

What are you recommending this month?

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