Monday, November 6, 2017

TWTW - the one with the purple and the purge

Kitchen reorganization/purge, final two episodes of Stranger Things, grocery delivery, reading

PanCAN Walk with my family in memory of my Grandmom. Thank you so much to everyone who donated, Madeline's Marchers came in at $1,000 over our goal. Fairmount Park was ablaze with fall and it was gorgeous. We brought up the rear of the walk as Lola Jean was doing her Bob the Builder dance through the park. 
A stop at Lou's on the way home for veggies, kitchen reorg/purge continued, I made homemade all-purpose castile soap cleaning spray, and we watched The Office all night. 

Bruce does not observe the time change. I was up for an hour from 2-3 then up again at what would normally be 5:30 then up for the day at 7:45 new time. Gus and Mae were not amused. 
I drove a banner down to MFD in Center City for a Homes for Heroes event, went to Redner's to get a few things so I could get their turkey deal, did the dreaded laundry, ripped one million things out of Bruce's mouth, and purged and organized all afternoon. Sorry for the weird boxes, my address is on the actual boxes and you've got to cover that shit up on the internet. I'm getting rid of a lot of shit and I'm not done yet. Vietnam Vets pickup is on Wednesday. Unseen on the left: about five boxes of MFD's shit that has sat for years that's getting sorted or tossed by Tuesday. 
Sunday night I did some beautifying and reading. I sat on my ass from 5 pm on and felt like I deserved it. This is a busy week ahead. 

Weekly food prep: breakfast is homemade waffles and a banana; lunch is sliced hard boiled eggs on Dave's bread with mayo and a few pickles (there's a little Kinsey Milhone sandwich for you), and dinner is chicken pesto with a side of rice or an old beef stroganoff recipe that I'll be sharing with you tomorrow. I also made turchicken burgers to freeze and a vat of iced coffee

The Sunday of the fall time change always seems so long, right? I feel like I kick ass on that day every year. I hope you did too.


  1. Congrats on surpassing your fundraising goal and a good kitchen purge! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Bob the Builder song played on Alexa happens every day when Lola is here. May a cure be found. When I️ type I️. That happens.
    Lights and love and positive energy infused to everyone everywhere. Do good. Be kind.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  3. Productive weekends are good ... I don't know about you, but I usually need a couple days after the weekend to recover from all the productivity.

  4. seems like everyone is in a purge/reorg kinda mood these days. i tackle my dreaded main bathroom this week and am not looking fwd to it :(

  5. Yesterday I got so much done that I literally thought to myself "This is what Steph must feel like most days." Haha!

  6. It always feels so good to re-organize! I really need to tackle my pantry.

  7. Craving homemade waffles and I need to make that homemade spray! A bingeathon on Netflix of The Office always also sounds like a great idea :)

  8. Congrats on surpassing your goal!!

  9. I just finished The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter and didn't care for it. Hope your book is much better!

  10. Every time I read her books I feel the need to eat egg sandwiches with pickles. But, I prefer sweet. She probably wouldn't forgive me for that!

  11. Luckily the hubs didnt care for sleeping an extra hour so he was able to take care of Bruno who never cares about time.

  12. Finally, I am caught up on your blog! Phew!

    Bruce Springsteen makes me smile. My little Ruby does too. Carry on.

  13. I started the great kitchen purge of 2017 a few weeks ago and knocked off the rest of my pantry on Friday. And now I need to organize my cabinets. That is the part I dread the most! Bruce is too cute with his no cares to time change.

  14. Great job with all the productive stuff!
    We walked for Type 1 diabetes every year and we ALWAYS bring up the rear. Who are these families that hope in line at the front and keep all members of their party moving at rabbit pace?? Lol

  15. I love a good purge! Good for you for getting so much done. And raising so much money for such a good cause!

  16. The PanCAN Walk sounds fun with the Fall weather and I would have loved to see Lola Jean's dance. You all look great in purple and for such a great cause!

  17. Those trees are gorgeous!

    Oh Bruce. He'll never not amuse me.

  18. I love that - Bruce does not observe the time change! I feel his pain, for I've been waking up way before I "should" the past 3 days. This time change isn't a bad on my system as the one in the spring, but it's still throwing my system out of whack.

    Lovely foliage in your park!


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