Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying ayo gotta let go

1. MFD battled a serious illness over the past eight days. It's called Game of Thrones and there is no cure. He watched all seven available seasons in just over one week and I’m pretty sure 99% of our conversations now contain references to the show so I am mostly in the dark about what we’re actually talking about at any given time since I only caught snippets here or there. Marital communication level: poor.
2. Evidence that getting up an hour early would really benefit my life: Wednesday morning I did two loads of laundry, folded two other loads, emptied the dishwasher, fed and played with the puppy, and washed my hair before work. It's a miracle. One I could repeat regularly if not for the siren song of sleep and frantic rush to get out of the house 20 minutes after waking up.

3. I've been ignoring Christmas decorations. Maybe tomorrow night?

4. I’ve taught Bruce to sit for a treat and fetch. If I can teach him to stop jumping like a wild jackal you may call me Cesar Milan. Pugs are notoriously hard to train.

5. After much dithering and testing of phones and pep talks from android users (thanks Kathy), I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 8 Plus. In the end I didn't like navigating around the android phones. The camera is awesome which is what I'm really interested in anyway.
6. A standby favorite: Essie merino cool to replace my Friday nail polish job that was chipped by Sunday night. Grrr. I got my Sephora order from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I'm happy to report I love the Urban Decay Vice TMI lip color.
7. Further evidence the president is mentally unfit to serve: makes a crack about Pocahontas while  honoring Navajo code talkers who served our country in WWII, retweets anti-Muslim videos from very crazy far right people. Attempting to list his daily insanity here is not going to change anyone's mind and it's wearing me the fuck out before I even get to talk about the important shit like saving net neutrality or shredding this bullshit tax scam. Literally all he had to do at the Navajo ceremony was smile and thank them and take a fucking photo. He can't leave it at that. And all he had to do on Twitter was not retweet a fascist group from Britain - of course, the group then thanked him and said God bless you trump, God Bless America. I read that a lot, people who clearly hate others based on their skin color or religion or ancestry saying God Bless, which is weird given that it doesn't seem like there are many godly notions in those viewpoints. I'm done. Every time I think of people saying I love how he says what he thinks and is not a politician I feel like screaming. I clearly do not love someone with no decency, diplomacy, or awareness of time/place/tone in the motherfucking White House. Oh, and on net it, while you still can without someone else deciding what information you are allowed to access. I'd link it for you but blogger is being an asshole and who even knows if we'll be allowed to google freely after December 14 anyway. Guns aren't power. Knowledge and access to information are power. Do what you can to demand net neutrality:
And how what started as a tax cut could change American life:

8. There is always a silver lining. All of this insanity has forced conversations about systemic racism and misogyny. It's uncomfortable but so awesome to see that people are stretching even though it's painful.We must continue to challenge the notions that are embedded so deep within all of us that we don't even know are there until we react to a situation in a way that we can't believe is actually ourselves sounding like an old ass woman hating racist. We will learn the most in the moments we misstep, and in the moments we're most honest with ourselves. There's not one of us who is free from having said or done bad things. We can't change the past or discard all the previous versions of ourselves, but we can realize we don't have to be those people anymore, that we can be different and better going forward. We can give each other grace as long as we all work towards a cultural shift in norms and behaviors. The common denominator is that every one of us has the capacity to change if we make the choice to do so.
9. Reminder: Every day can be a great day.

10. E-card of the week: Still and probably forever perplexed by the bathroom selfie with toilets in the vicinity. Why? 


  1. Awesome blog , as usual. Number eight. Spot on. There’s a reason for all of this. I’m trusting in the universe and all that is good. I’m not complaining about anything and as soon as I accentuate the positive, it’s the best feeling. God and Goddess speed to all❣️ Carpe diem❣️ Love. Your. Momma.

  2. That brown color! I could have swore I had 2 or 3 brown & gray polishes and I can't find them.

  3. All 7 seasons in one week?? I had to stop after 3 seasons (spaced out over a couple months) - it was just getting into my head a little too much. The books were better -- but so incredibly long.
    I'd hold off on Christmas decorations until you finish that candle - mixing Christmas with Autumn Leaves is asking for trouble.
    Pugs are stubborn ... but also freaking awesome.
    And I love that quote - I need that as a reminder.

  4. That many GOT episodes is a week is amazing... wow.
    Your new camera is awesome! Those dogs pics are fantastic!
    I want to comment on the political and hateful bullshit of the week, but I don't have the energy. Tr*mp is a racist hateful dickhole and the disruption that's starting to happen regarding race, sex, etc. gives me a little hope. Every time a woman (or man) has the courage to step forward and take down an abuser I cheer a little. If you've abused your power, watch your f*cking back.

  5. Wow, MFD that is impressive! I also feel like that much GoT has to be hard on the psyche lol
    I agree about Trump...and any time David Duke is praising something that you do, definitely means that it's NOT FREAKING OK! I'm tired of Huckabee spinning his antics into "normal" and "ok" behavior. I love how he's now denying the Access Hollywood stunt (despite apologizing for it--sort of--during the election, and saying the infamous locker room talk--apparently now he just didn't do it? AHHHH). I can't take it anymore. I literally feel like we are living in a horrible twilight zone and I'm afraid of what the hell is going to happen next. ESPECIALLY if this net neutrality thing goes through. What in the actual FFFFFFFFFF!

    1. Oh, and on a lower key note...yay fir iphone8 pluses and their awesome cameras!!

  6. Im exhausted thinking about all you did BEFORE you left for work. I am not a morning person and wake up with just enough time to shower, change and run - sometimes makeup is done in the car while in traffic haha. I might need to adjust my schedule.

  7. I really want to upgrade my phone too, it doesn't really hold a charge anymore and I've already replaced the battery once. It's only 3 years old though! I feel like it should last longer for the amount I pay!

  8. GoT is a weird little world. Scott gets really into it and I half-watch. There's too many lulls in any one season to be a die-hard, in my opinion.

    The only time I get anything done is in the morning. It's when I do the dishes, put away clothes, etc. It's worth getting up early.

  9. Choosing to make today great, despite the toughness. Thanks.

  10. I'm ignoring my Christmas decor,too. Just not feeling it this year!

  11. Agree with everything in #7 and #8 is what I'm focusing on - that all this pain and suffering we are enduring right now will have an immense payoff in individual growth. Where we expand and change old beliefs that we may not have even been aware they existed and were part of our DNA. Like you said, we have all made mistakes (and will continue to do so) and we all also made the choice to change and adapt or dig in. Even though some are choosing to dig in, I also see so many people, particularly young people, change and grow and that makes me really, really excited and hopeful about the future.

  12. All 7 seasons that fast?! I am jealous of him. I only got to binge the first 3 seasons and then had to watch weekly like a regular pleb. I am dying waiting for the next season. I just cannot with the racism. The pocahontas thing really bothers me as it is just so gosh darn incoherent and bizarre. And why has no one taken his phone away yet?! It is like he is my 10 year old cousin!

  13. I get up around 5:20 every day because I am more productive before work. After work my brain is mush. Our RIP American Economy Rally is Sunday. We'll have a ton of photos on our instagram (@grandstrandactiontogether). I am notoriously bad at taking pictures when I'm in charge of anything! lol And every day I'm reminded we should never say, it can't get worse right? Trump has no rock bottom.

  14. Oh no, hopefully you can keep the illness away from you as much as possible! Haha. That is a lot of seasons in a short amount of time, I am impressed! Yay for a new phone with a better camera!!! Don't even get me started on net neutrality. I think the problem is, a lot of people have no clue how big of an impact it has on pretty much everything. That ecard holds way too much truth.

  15. I'm in shock that he finished 7 seasons of that intense show in such a short time. It's horrifying and impressive at the same time. It's one of my favorites, but I could barely watch 2 episodes in the same day because I had to talk about it and remind myself to breath.

  16. I thought I watched GoT fast but MFD beat me. It's such a good show, and I feel like I think about the show and characters more than I should. I'm trying to see the silver lining in the discussions actually happening now. There's a really good interview with Jay-Z in the NY Times Mag, and he talks about how Trump winning means we HAVE to have these hard conversations.

  17. Wow I could never be so productive in the mornings before work! You got a shit ton done but not me...not a morning person! Love the Essie color for Fall.

  18. As a Christian, it is SO HARD to see all these "God Bless"es and Trump pretending to care about "religious liberty" or whatever...I don't know what Bible they are reading but it's not the same one I have. I'm sure it's hard for everyone, but promise we are not all like that!

  19. I really wanted the 8 Plus, but can't get over the size and just got the 8 instead. I want that portrait mode! I thought I loved PHD and used it for about two weeks, but the scent kills me. I'm back to Batiste.


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