Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Things that might surprise you about me

Or not. If you've read here for any solid amount of time you know a lot more stupid shit about me than I know about you. It’s not easy to surprise people when you’ve been blogging for six years. I stole this idea from my friend Sara at Journey of Doing and decided to try it on for size anyway.

1. I don't like high thread count sheets. 400 is fine. 

2. The only reason I changed my last name when I got married is because I was sick of spelling my maiden name every time I said it. It is now legally my middle name but if I didn't have to spell it all the time, I wouldn't have changed it.

3. I’ve voted for local Republican candidates in the past. I can barely believe that myself because I haven't seen a moderate Republican candidate in years.

4. I am very no bullshit in written and oral communications, but my thoughts on things out in the ether are decidedly more in line with my pisces sun sign. I consider myself a child of the moon and water. My animal totem is the dolphin. I don't believe we are ever out of touch with people who have physically died. I also don't believe in coincidences. Given that I love tie dye, maybe these hippie notions do not surprise you, but they are a stark contrast to the part of me the world sees daily.

5. I think ice breakers are the stupidest waste of time ever.

6. I have become a person who doesn't like board games. Perhaps I've always been this person but just convinced myself otherwise.

7. I hitched a few rides home from the bar in college. That was before cell phones, Criminal Minds, and murder mysteries. Thank God I didn't cross the path of any serial killers. Sorry mom.

8. I wore glasses and/or contacts from 1990 to 2009. Many people forget I ever wore glasses and I am one of those people until I think about it. Lasik is the best thing I've ever done.

9. I have a pact with Lori to take care of my chin hair if I'm ever in a coma. I had that in place before I had my living will in place.

10. I totally misread Catcher in the Rye in tenth grade. I can still remember my english teacher looking at me like I was a complete idiot. And reading it again and thinking she was right.

What might surprise me about you?


  1. I agree with you on ice breakers but strangely enough I start each weekday in a Morning Meeting where we basically do just that. I’m pretty sure you would poke your eyes out.
    I took a ride with a stranger once and I also went to a stranger’s house went up to his art studio. Oh my gosh I’m going to blog about that later this week

    I have an incredible fear of jinxing stuff and moderately superstitious. It can be paralyzing.

    Growing up I had cats but now I have bunnies. That you might know but did you know they can’t throw up/vomit?

    That’s all for now

  2. I've worn glasses/contacts FOREVAH!! Lasik scares the shit out of me!

  3. I like my last name but I also like his so Im thinking Ill join them who knows. Always fun learning more about you !

  4. I don't give a lick about high thread count, but I don't buy anything but bamboo sheets. They are so damn good.
    I changed my last name because it was important to K and unimportant to me. Not in an ownership sort of way, but in a team/unity way. Since I wasn't passionate one way or the other, I had no problem taking his to match him.
    I love board game but no one in my family does. *sob*

  5. Wait - do I need to reread Catcher in the Rye?

  6. I have an appointment to have a Lasik consultation next week!!! I have worn glasses/contacts since 1988 and I cant see my husband next to me in bed without them! I am that blind! CAN YOU TELL I'M EXCITED!!!

  7. Gah ... changed my name since I'm as traditional as they come. Trying to decide if it's worth the hassle to go back to it when this is settled. I'm not really a fan of board games but I like game nights where I sit around with friends and chat, eat/drink, and the game is really an afterthought. Hate icebreakers and small talk in general. I'm curious about Catcher in the Rye now.

  8. My org does these things called whiparounds on some calls which are basically icebreakers but on a call and with people you probably already know. No, I do not want to figure out what my spirit animal is. I hate them so. LOL about the chin hair. You have to have someone looking out.

  9. John loves his lasik too, I'm too scared of it. I'm a big baby!
    Ice breakers suck. I'm not a big board games fan either, to be honest. Not that I've played one in awhile but that's probably why it's been so long...

  10. Ice breakers are the worst and I come across them multiple times a year at work. I never make kids play them because they suck and make everyone feel awkward.
    Board games are boring? I mean, I've been suckered into a few as an adult and it's just...awkward. We don't even own any.
    I changed my name so fast...mostly because it makes things easier in the military but my maiden name tripped people up too and NO ONE can spell my married name so it was really lose-lose.

  11. Please elaborate on misreading Catcher in the Rye...

  12. I wish I had hyphenated my last name when I got married 7 years ago. I don’t really know/like his parents (I met them both twice). I started hyphenating it on Facebook, etc. and my husband made a face and comment about it.

    I also am scared to look into lasik, but I really would enjoy not wearing glasses! I only need them for distance, but I also have astigmatism.

  13. These were fun! I used to be a sheet snob 500-800, please. Then I discovered Amazon Basics Microfiber sheets and they are soo insanely soft. I always wonder if I'll change my last name. Mine is so short, sweet, easily spelled, and pronounced. Though, I always used to joke my goal was to marry up in the alphabet.

  14. Jesus. Mary. And Joseph. I almost threw up my breakfast. Jmj jmj. Thanks to the universe you were not chloroformed and worse. Jmj. I light all of you constant. Jmj. Just reading this at 10:26.
    Lights and angels and love and all that is good eternally. Your Momma.

  15. Even as a teacher I HATE ice breakers. I really hate that an entire day or 2 at the beginning of the year/semester are dedicated to them. The kids know each other, & even if they don't they don't care. It's such a waste of time. I usually make them write me a personal essay instead. That way a)they're writing which they don't do nearly enough of in school anymore & b)I can still learn about them.

  16. I love this! I really don't like board games either. I used to play and enjoy them, but at some point, they just started to bug the hell out of me! lol


  17. #4-me, too! I honk I might get have to do a post like this in the near future.
    Name—I changed mine because I am a traditionalist. When it was all said and done, I changed it back. I’m too strong to carry someone else’s name but now I’ll probably be remembered as a spinster. Note to self—Start doing crazy stuff around the nieces and nephews to have a great legacy of lunacy.

    1. Why my iPhone autocorrects think to honk, I will never know.

  18. I am terrified of Lasik, or I would totally do it too. Keeping up with glasses and all that is so annoying. And ice breakers are the worst!!!

  19. sigh..the dumb things we do when we're older. i remember i hitched many rides FROM STRANGERS back in the day. we'd meet a bunch of guys and they would say "let's go to X to party more!" and we'd be all "YEAH SOUNDS COOL!" and climb into their car/truck/van. we were so lucky that nothing happened.

  20. LOL... I was definitely president of College Republicans (and subsequently ousted in post-9/11 world) and I founded a chapter at my university in California.

    I'm ashamed to say that now more than ever.

  21. I didn't change my name because I'm lazy. Socially I go by my husband's last name, so obviously I don't have strong convictions on this lol! I also dislike board games, I have a few friends who love them so I am guilted in to playing them sometimes. I would much prefer to sit and chat!

  22. I usually hate the idea of icebreakers, but actually kind of end up enjoying them after I am forced to participate.

  23. Bahaha I took rides from strangers in college, too. Whatever, it happens (I look back and cringe)

    People are always shocked I don't watch girly shows/chick flicks and I don't understand why. Someone just wrote me, "you probably love those Hallmark Christmas movies" -- um, no??

  24. High five for LASIK! I had mine in 2009 and it was the best decision. I wish I had done it years sooner.

  25. WHAT? no board games???? ... you & my husband would be best friends. He gets so aggravated when I ask him to play them with me.

  26. Cracking up at the pact with Lori! Good friends are always to the rescue in the good, bad, and the ugly! I'm with ya on board games. I blame it on a slight case of ADD and would rather be doing something else. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  27. My married name is a common word that (almost...) everyone can spell, whereas my maiden name was a total nightmare for people to pronounce and/or spell. So that was a major factor in me changing, too!

    To me, icebreakers fall under the category of Enforced Fun which is an instant mental check out for me. No thank you.

  28. I voted Republican often, and then they went off the deep end. So I registered ... Libertarian. And then THEY went of the deep end. I'm still Libertarian, because I'm afraid if I register Democrat, they'll go off the deep end too and I can't be responsible for tanking everyone's party.

  29. A Pisces at heart, but what is your rising sign? That is the one people would usually guess about you, the face you put out to the world. Do you know the exact time and place of your birth?


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