Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - with a shiver in my bones just thinking about the weather

1. I have issues with the time change in the spring, but I have been killing it in the mornings this week because Bruce gets up at 5:00, which he thinks is 6:00. Full dark by 5:15 pm is hard to bear though. Why do we still do this?
2. Gather 'round, children, and let me tell you a story of a first world problem: last week I got an email saying Amazon Fresh is no longer delivering to my area after 11/30. I've tried other grocery delivery services, and I will go back to one of them and also try Fresh Direct, but what I loved most about Amazon Fresh was the ability to schedule a delivery I did not have to attend. So I could wake up to groceries on my doorstep at 7 am or come home to them waiting for me at 7 pm. Damn you, grocery delivery world. If you told me in 1998 that I'd be bitching and picky about grocery delivery in 2017, I would've laughed at you.

3. What are you reading? Show Us Your Books is Tuesday! I started three books this week and discarded them all because I only want to read the books I'm getting from the library Friday (The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine and Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark T. Sullivan) and the ones coming from Book of the Month Club (Bonfire by Krysten Ritter and Turtles All the Way Down by John Green). Impatience kills. I did settle on The Seven Rules of Elvira Carr on my kindle for now.

4. I crafted shit last night. Who am I? I consider myself both not interested in crafts and not creative. But the craft was painting a freaking CERAMIC CHRISTMAS TREE of the kind that I am obsessed with. I think this is like number nine or 10 in my collection? I will count this year. It was a good, fun, funny Wednesday night with girlfriends. Thanks for letting me crash your event Lauren, Jill, Dot, & fam! And thanks to Dot for securing the tickets.

5. Sad news for Philly fans this week. We claimed you as our own Roy Halladay.

6. Eat 10 dicks, guy who referred to himself as Virginia's "chief homophobe." I needed this Election Day. The resistance is real. Lots of wins were historic: Andrea Jenkins is the first openly transgender black woman elected to City Council in a major U.S. city - you go, Minneapolis; also in MN St. Paul elected its first black mayor; NJ elected its first female black lieutenant gov; Charlotte, NC elected its first female black mayor; Framingham, MA elected its first mayor since becoming a city, and that mayor is a black female; Manchester, NH elected its first woman mayor in the city's 266 year history; Erie, PA has the distinction of electing the first openly transgender person in the state to its school board; Hoboken, NJ elected the first Sikh mayor; Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala defeated incumbents to become the first two latinas elected to the VA House of Delegates; a refugee who arrived from Liberia 23 years ago is Helena, MT's first black mayor; Seattle elected its first lesbian mayor - and the first woman mayor in 92 years; Kathy Tran, a Vietnamese refugee, became the first Asian-American woman in VA's House; Lancaster, PA, has its first latina member of city council; Philly elected an extremely progressive anti-mass incarceration DA in Larry Krasner...on and on. I am thrilled to see more women, more black and brown people, and more LGBTQIA people in offices. I want diverse people of all backgrounds at our tables. Rooms full of older white men do not fulfill that desire. Look at the photos below of the before and after of the VA house seats flipping. The difference is incredible. Women are stepping up to lead and I applaud them. Especially the black women who have been stepping up for years in communities with no acknowledgment. A staggering 91% of black women voted for Northam to take the VA Gov seat. Thank you, ladies, for not voting against your own interests. You lead, I will follow. Trust black women.

7. I have a hair appointment tonight, and seriously not a moment too soon. The grays are nuts. Probably because of things like MFD not going through his paper hoarding boxes or things like the most recent slide into authoritarianism list or things like...

8. Another mass shooting, barely any coverage since the shooter was white. White people! Stop blaming black and brown people for ruining this country. We're doing it. We are content with doing nothing? We don't even want to TRY a study on gun violence? Did people recognize that thoughts and prayers are not a fucking solution to the cycle of every two months/mass shooting so they just stopped mentioning it at all?
9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week: I keep looking at messages and responding in my head but never actually responding. What the hell. 
You are cordially invited to respond to my text message.

I feel like I just ran a race. No slowing down until after midnight tonight for me. 


  1. I posted that same exact time change meme to my BIL’s FB page but didn’t get a reaction. I found it hilarious but I guess he didn’t.
    Anyway ugh another mass shooting my husband is very angry about this one and I fear I’m becoming more and more desensitized. Although I also find myself developing plans for that just in case moment.
    I’m still working on my opinions comments seem to have plenty of them while driving and working .
    I was thinking of you during election night when results were coming in and gave you a couple virtual high fives!
    Stay warm!

  2. I HATE THE TIME CHANGE. Everyone was so excited to get an extra hour of sleep but I would like to give my hour back, thank you.

  3. I'm glad you mentioned the fact that when white people go off and shoot a bunch of people, you don't really hear much about it on the news or they use the "mental illness" as an excuse instead of just labelling it what it is - terrorism. I hate that many think only people of colour are terrorists but terrorism comes in many forms and colour, not just black or brown people.

    you're officially an old hen now - painting ceramic trees is the first step; now onto making errting else! lol

  4. You go, crafty woman! I'm not creative or crafty at all ... but when the world gets to be too much and I can't even escape into a book, I'll pull out some yarn and attempt something. Citizens paying attention - what we all should have been doing since 1776. I hope the wave continues! I can't even comprehend what Sutherland Springs is going through - and politicians can't continue to ignore what's in their power to change. Yay for Chris Hurst's win on that note - along with all the women and minorities who won!

  5. Shiver in my bones is right....brrrrrrr.

    Laughter makes me so happy, truly a universal language!

  6. I hate DST! The extra hour of sleep is nice, but the sun going down at 5:00 is awful. No more after dinner walks, needing to turn the lights on much earlier is not savings! And my heart is absolutely breaking for all the families affected by these needless shootings, it needs to stop. And I whole heartedly agree that nothing seems to be done when it's just another crazy white dude. If any of those shooters had been muslim or black, the government would be going nuts :(

  7. DST sucks. I have not adjusted. Max has not adjusted. We are not happy. We are, however, ecstatic about the election results! I was honestly scared to look on Tuesday night but when I did, I stood up and cheered. We not only showed up but we conquered. I love, love, love that a transgender woman beat someone who would proudly call himself Chief Homophobe. I am insanely proud of Minneapolis and St. Paul because home state pride!

    I knew the moment Emperor Baby Fists tweeted respectfully after the mass shooting on Sunday and didn't scream for his ban or wall that the shooter was white. And that we would be wrong to politicize their deaths by asking for common sense gun control versus just offering our prayers and thoughts.

  8. Why is DST still a thing. We love to not embrace change of the silliest shit! This election has me so pumped! So many victories and makes me excited for 2018! We have our run off for mayor next weekend, it is between two black women, so we will have our first female mayor ever in 300 years of being a city! Oh man those examples of changes made after one incident make me so angry. WHy can we not control guns, just a teeny tiny bit?

  9. I have been saying for years that DST is a mess and we don't need to do that shit anymore. It never makes any sense. I saw your tree on instagram and I am not even going to lie, I was a little jealous. I want to paint me a tree!

  10. DST is the worst!!!!! I'm so over it, and I'm over it being dark at like 2pm. No thank you. Give me all the light!
    And you can also give me ALLLLLLL of the women and diversity (and the men who are open minded and not bigots and racists) in our seats of leadership! YES YES YES! I was so happy to be a part of this change and dammit, I hope it continues! Again, I dont know how someone can comment on this post without acknowledging this and being EXCITED about it! Screw the cold, bring on the change!

  11. The results of those elections sound incredible! So much change and so good. So glad you mentioned how very little you are hearing about that shooter ... its appalling really.

  12. The transgender person winning over that man is just the best. I heard that this morning & I laughed so hard, I woke Bruno up.

  13. So many awesome super qualified candidates that haven't been purchased by the rich. So much more work to do, but so happy to read the good shit.

  14. VA killed it in this past election. Our school board finally elected a woman board member (and not a moment too soon). I'm feeling hopefully and feisty and full of resistance.

    Next election let's vote to end daylight savings and all that bs. It just confuses me anyway.

  15. Again, I think I'm the only fan out there of DST, which was really the end of DST this last week. (I don't understand this either.)
    I found it interesting that they couldn't say much about the Las Vegas shooting because it was a white person who attacked mostly white people at a very white event (a country music concert). The media couldn't come up with anyone to blame.

  16. that grocery delivery thing is annoying -- I REALLY need to look into doing this because I DESPISE food shopping. weekends are busy and i never want to make time for it, but then if i don't go i get screwed that week. i also live in an apt complex where i cant park directly out front, so schlepping bags is a nightmare too. hmmm.

  17. The results of election day were so heartening. I can't believe (because the US feels like such a sh*t show right now) how the resistance showed up. Now we just need to get head cheeto and company out. NOW.


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