Monday, November 13, 2017

TWTW - the one with the first cold temps

I worked from the shore, so I started with the sunrise which now requires boots, walked to get a Cuban sandwich from the place around the corner for lunch, was at the library by 5:10, and otherwise sequestered myself inside with ceramic heaters trying to acclimate to the first cold day. MFD and los perros arrived at 6. I painted my nails (OPI Humidi-Tea and OPI ) and we watched The Royal Tenenbaums and went to sleep early.

A lazy morning finishing a book, a trip to the beach with the dogs, a bike ride around town and stop at the craft show on the Music Pier, starting a new book, and beef bolognese at Luigi's. My photos from there always suck but the food is always good.
Our friend Christeen was renting upstairs in the house with her friends for the weekend, so we got to catch up with her a little bit and meet a few of them too. It’s always great to see people face to face you typically only see on Facebook. They left the house very nice and wrote on the message board which I always love. 

I got my Christmas cards designed and ordered and ordered my stamps too, which was my main goal this weekend. 

What a fucking gift of a sunrise. My fingers nearly froze off and I didn't even care. 
MFD left for mummery. I cleaned our apartment, read, made my work and personal lists for the week, made a master Thanksgiving list, updated my chewy autoship for dog food, and realized I can get through much of the week food-wise without cooking thanks to freezer meals. All the fist pumps as I was not feeling the food prep on Sunday. I took the dogs to the beach before we headed home at 3. Mae and Gus barked at the world and Bruce tried to eat both of them. Regular day.
Do these dogs travel in style or what? 
We were going to go out for sushi to celebrate four years of sobriety for MFD but ended up ordering Lee’s Hoagies and spazzing out hangrily when it took forever to arrive. Okay maybe only one of us spazzed out hangrily. I was in bed with a book by 8 but up finishing that book until midnight then I couldn't go to sleep until 1 and pass all the coffee this way please.  

As inferred above this week's weekly food prep is actually weekly use what you have this week: breakfast is hard boiled eggs and power breakfast muffins or breakfast burritos from the freezer; lunch is pork fried rice from the freezers with an apple on the side, and dinner is ham and potato soup or lasagna roll ups from the freezer. 

For the past two weeks I've been thinking the next week is Thanksgiving. Anyone else? Guess's still not Thanksgiving next week.

Tomorrow is Show Us Your Books day! See you back here for that.


  1. I finished my cards last week and need to order stamps...hoping to get them out before the first week of December :) Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Gorgeous sunrises. Beautiful beach pictures. Continued Godspeed and tons of love to our Mikedoyle. Beyond proud and happy for both of you. You both do so much good❣️
    An awesome week to all❣️����✨☮️��
    Love. Your. Momma.

  3. My weekly food prep this week was also a lot of use up what you have. Congrats to MFD on 4 years of sobriety. Thanks for reminding me I really need to repaint my nails.

  4. What beautiful pictures and a huge high five to MD what a wonderful thing to celebrate.
    My weekend included a haircut, getting honest and asking for help with a few pieces of my life and hosting a Game Show event at my church. Although I didn’t really host as much as plan the entire event someone else was the “announcer” but hey . No food prep not even a thought to a menu so this should be fun . Also finally got to catch up with some friends of ours.
    I think the cold weather is here to stay!

  5. I could never tire of sunrise/sunset photos. Mae's sweater is the cutest thing. Made a batch of those power muffins last night! I agree on the waiting for Thanksgiving ... doesn't help that it's so early in the month too. Not sure why this month seems to be dragging.

  6. Woohoo for a week where freezer meals make it so you dont have to cook! HUGE Amen to that! That sunrise was phenomenal! I showed my husband and it made us both want to be at the shore, even in the frigid temps!

  7. Bruce is getting so big! And Mae is looking extra sassy in her own sweater. The sunrise is gorgeous, as always, and worth freezing fingers. It's finally getting cool here too, which I like. And yes, I also keep thinking Thanksgiving is next week, then I'm excited to remember it's not because not ready for it yet!

  8. That sunrise is stunning! Love that you said MFD arrived with los perros, and even though it was cold looks like a great weekend. Hoagies and in bed early sounds fantastic :)

  9. I just got hooked on the ease of Chewy & that auto delivery!!! Life just got so much easier.
    I'm DYING over that owl dog sweater!

  10. You're not kidding about that sunrise being a gift. Its perfect!

  11. I agree with how you put it - that sunrise (and all gorgeous skies)! I feel like they are a personal gift for me!!! And that owl sweater! Do you know if it is available in Mark's size?

  12. What a beautiful sunrise. Ok, the picture of the doggies in your car is the cutest thing I have seen in awhile!! They totally travel in style, so cute.

  13. Fun times over the weekend and beautiful sunrises as always even though it was bitter cold! Love the dog/puppy antics on the beach and they sure look super comfy on the drive back home.

  14. Wow that is a gift of sunrise. So beautiful. Good for you on getting so much done. I have not decided if I am doing cards or not I need to get on that.

  15. ...and all I was hoping for were some cooler temps here, but was hot as balls.

  16. Your dogs travel better than I do!! That sunrise is seriously amazing, thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great week!

  17. I always enjoy your shore sunrise photos! They are always so lovely and inspiring.

  18. Love Wes Anderson. And I love that picture of Bruce and Mae. Lol
    Happy 4 years to MFD!
    Sounds like a nice (yet cold) weekend at the shore!

  19. Congratulations to 4 years of one day at a time, MFD. Here’s to one day more...for a lifetime.

  20. I have crashed and burned with Christmas cards this year (again). Pretty sure I've missed the date for international posting.

    I love the picture of Gus where looks like he's trying to take Mae for a walk. I think it's safe to say I'm a Gus fan.

    That sunrise is amazing.

  21. Gorgeous sunrises!!! Bruce is growing!! Congrats to MFD. Sounds like a perfect weekend in so many ways.

  22. Sometimes it's worth the fingers freezing.
    That owl sweater <3

  23. Congrats to MFD on his 4th year! That's a big one to be sure. That Sunday sunrise is stunning. I love Bruce pulling on Mae's leash. He's such trouble.


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