Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - take a right at the light, keep goin' straight until night

Wishing my Dad a very happy birthday today. Still picking me up 40 years later...not physically because I’m heavy now but in all the other ways that count. As stated many times previously, sorry to the rest of you but he is the very best Dad. I'm also wishing we were in Ireland celebrating it like we were last year. That was awesome. I'm getting the itch to plan the next family trip but it won't be for a while since a newborn is coming in December. 
Raising money for pancreatic cancer research. My family is walking in the Purple Stride walk this Saturday in memory of my grandmother. She lived nine months from her date of diagnosis. I've done many walks for various cancers, and what strikes me at the PanCAN walk is how very few survivors are present. We'd like to do what we can to change that. We are Madeline's Marchers and you can donate to MFD here if you are so inclined - we are only $105 from our team goal! Thank you so much to those who already donated and helped me meet my goal. It's a cause very close to my heart.
Feeling colder than I usually feel. I've always been a very hot blooded person. I have the chills a lot now. Is this getting older syndrome? Yesterday it was my own fault, I looked at the weather before I got dressed and looked at the wrong fucking day. 

Hearing MFD on the phone for three hours in a row some nights and I know, I know, it's his job, but it drives me fucking insane because he doesn't stay in one spot - he paces and he's loud. I can't get away from it.

Sharing what the hell else but dog photos. Oh. And I had MFD take the top right photo, which is terrible...he says I posted that on Instagram. I said are you fucking serious. Then I go on and I can't find it. But I see in my messages that Marla and Sara commented on it. I was like where the hell is this photo? Here he posted it as a fucking story - I've never posted an Instagram story...on purpose. I hate them.
Perusing Christmas card designs. Ho ho ho motherfuckers.

Reading Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton

Watching Stranger Things Season 2 like most of the world. Halloween night we were up until 12:30 watching it. Too late!

Wearing a cardigan. It's my uniform. 

Following Amy Siskind's weekly authoritarian list, being archived by the Library of Congress each week, now has its own website and is easier to find and follow than ever. Here's the site and here's October 28th's post

Loving how the light hits the buildings when I'm coming up out of the train station in the mornings now that the sun rises later. 
Hating General Kelly showing his racist ass for everyone to see; everyone throwing shit against the wall to distract from the first two Mueller indictments on Monday;  the voting data with irregularities from the special election in Georgia being wiped off the server; the imposter president tweeting erroneous  partisan bullshit instead of doing anything about the 600 shot in Las Vegas/the 1000+ dead in Puerto Rico/providing calm leadership to NYC/any actual presidential work; Kevin Spacey being a fucked up pedophile trying to play it off as something else; and Notre Dame no longer allowing faculty, staff, and (in 10 months) students to get birth control through their insurance plan.

Reminding you to be a ripple, every day. The smallest act of kindness or bravery from you can improve the life of someone else immensely. 

Sharing an e-card like every Thursday
What's new with you?

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  1. I saw that picture some place before here.

  2. Pup pictures forever. God bless and help and heal all. End greed for power and money and send American Nazis to their own planet ugh. Kevin Spacey. Ugh. Catholic Church aiding and abetting molestors but ban birth control ugh ugh ugh. Organized religion is a business. . Love. Your. Momma.

  3. Happy birthday to your DAD! They are the best, right?

    I'm always cold, this weather has made me bonkers because I'm all warm then it's hot, which is fine, then the day I dress for warm, SURPRISE cold front. I'm in a beanie now 100% of the time.

    Ripples, yes!

    HOHOHO, double yes!

  4. I totally sang that Billy Idol meme.
    Happy Birthday to your dad. Nothing like a wonderful dad in your life!
    Yep... my uncle is in his third year of pancreatic cancer & we said that this year again how the survivors are all different each year... my uncle isnt doing very well right now & he couldnt even do the walk - he sat & waited for us - but he went up to the organizer & said, "See you next year" & I about sucked in my throat from not letting out a cry. Its such a hard cancer. My grandma lived 2 weeks after diagnosis. weeks. That shouldnt happen.

  5. We are knee deep in Stranger Things 2 also--only 3 episodes left!
    Happy birthday to your awesome dad! I think you should definitely start planning a trip--I always love having vacations and things to look forward to and plan.
    I hope you have an amazing walk this weekend. Purple Stride is a great event, but you're right, pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly. Hoping they can find a cure sooner rather than later!

  6. Still laughing athe the Billy Idol Light Sweater. Hilarious!
    HBD to your dad.
    Did you finish ST2? Lost an entire day on Sunday watching it in its entirety. And now I want to talk about it but no one else has finished it. Hello, priorities.
    I cannot function if I’m not asleep by 11.
    Agreed on Meuller, Spacey, Imposter. WTH.

  7. LOL @ "I looked at the weather before I got dressed and looked at the wrong fucking day."

    We only have two episodes left of ST2, and I'm going to be so sad when it's over.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

    I swore you posted that pic to Instagram too, and I LOVED IT. You look so pretty!

  9. Happy birthday to your dad!
    I have never watched Stranger Things because we don't have Netflix. It actually only came out in Switzerland a few months ago. I hate that we're expected to get a million different streaming services now if we want to watch anything. And there is no Amazon Switzerland so Amazon prime is totally out for me anyway.

  10. Awe, Happy Birthday to your wonderful dad!! I love that you guys take big ol' family vacations still. I just love family. Still haven't seen any of Stranger Things but it's on my list to do over the Thanksgiving break! Also, the weather is being weird. At least our days are consistently weird.

  11. Happiest of Birthdays to your dad! He sounds wonderful!
    Time and silence are the greatest of luxuries...
    I just ordered Christmas cards!! I'm so happy!!
    All the bumper stickers that have lingered from the election calling Hilary a crook make me want to run those cars off the road. The court has ruled that that Tr*mps campaign WAS ACTUALLY RUN BY CRIMINALS. Not that we needed a judge to tell us that...
    That ecard is amazing.

  12. Happy birthday to your Dad! Like Rebecca Jo, I sang the Billy Idol meme. Hehe. And yes, the older you get, the more often you get the chills. Or at least until you start getting those pesky hot flashes. I'm not there yet but I can feel them coming. Well, now we know for absolute sure why General Kelly took a job with Trump. He is a racist. I hate everything he said but I'm glad to know the truth about him. And I love how Russia is now Hillary's fault. Everything is her fault. It wasn't Eve who ate the forbidden apple, it was Hillary.

  13. LOL to your e card. Happy birthday to your wonderful dad! I am hating on all your hating ons. Kelly's words are inexcusable. Read the facts about the Civil War people! And yes, stop tweeting immediately about the justice system when it happens without guns by a "foreigner" but crickets when a white guy shoots up Las Vegas. I just can't.

  14. I love that y'all still do family vacations! I really want to plan one with my side of the family because I can't remember the last time we actually did it! And puppy pictures are always awesome!

  15. Happy birthday to your dad! I've been looking at Christmas card designs too recently.

  16. happy birthday to your dad!! just take the newborn on your next trip! haha jk. wow - that photo of your grandmother in the graduation cap - you guys look SO alike. the walk sounds great though, what a wonderful cause.
    KC paces when he talks on the phone as well. and he's loud. i'm like i don't care if you pace, but could you at least leave one spot alone? and i will sit in that spot. ha.
    hahaha so i saw that photo on your instagram story and i was like that's weird. she never posts on stories! i was gonna comment and be like OMG YOU'RE ON STORIES but i'm glad i didn't now haha.
    i thought it would be a fantastic idea to stay up late and watch stranger things on saturday night. i convinced KC to stay up until we finished but that would have put us at like almost 4am so we called it quits at 2am and i cried when my alarm went off at 7. we never stay up late to watch things, i don't know why i thought it was a good idea.

  17. Happy Birthday to your dad! That ecard is epic. Never stop sharing all the dog photos! They are the best! Tis the season to be summer one day and winter the next. Or you know, in a spann of a few hours. So hard to dress properly for weather this time of year!

  18. I hate when ANYONE talks loudly on a phone around me. It's insanely distracting and annoying. When I stop at my parents house and am hanging there doing something/watching TV, my mom will pace around the room in her loud ass inside voice and I give her the death stare. Also sorrrrrrrrrry not sorry I love that pic of you.

  19. OMG. My husband paces on the phone. And yes, it makes me crazy. Just sit down and have a normal conversation. Stop pacing. It makes me nervous. Just SIT. DOWN.

  20. Oh, the cold thing... Girl, I'm right there with you. I used to be the hottest natured person in the room, but that is no longer the case. Last winter (and through the spring and summer), I blamed it on losing weight and having less insulation. As it turns out, my thyroid is sluggish, but not sluggish enough to be diagnosed as officially having hypothyroidism. I t think it has a lot to do with that now.


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