Tuesday, November 7, 2017

This might be beef stroganoff.

I don't know what beef stroganoff actually is, and maybe this isn't it, but it's what I call it. We also say strokemeoff and laugh like 12 year olds. I got a recipe from Big Hungry Shelby over 10 years ago and modified it as the years flew by and here we are with a quasi beef stroganoff casserole thingy.

Despite that intro and the photo (casseroles photograph like dog meat) it's good. I promise.

2 lbs ground beef - for this I had leftover shredded french dip so I used a pound of that instead + a pound of ground beef
2 tbs worcestershire sauce
2 cans cream of mushroom soup - please make your own if you can, it's good, I promise
1 medium minced onion
One bag of egg noodles, cooked
16 oz sour cream
buttered cracker crumbs

Saute onion in a smidge of butter. Remove and immediately brown ground beef. Drain, add Worcestershire sauce. Mix meat, onions, cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, and cooked egg noodles. Grease a 9x13 dish and dump it in. Top with buttered cracker crumbs if you dare.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Serve it with a side of veg and get some health in you.

Casseroles look gross,  
taste good. It's a conundrum.
Like eighties fashion.

Please tell me you are voting in your local general election today. 
I don't care who you vote for, I don't even care if you go and push the vote button without making any choices to make your thoughts on the bullshit political process known. 
I do care that you go and push the button. 
"Voting doesn't matter, it won't make a difference" is up for debate. 
Sitting at home on your couch will definitely not make a difference. 


  1. Buttered crackers❣️I will try this. And the French dip recipe someday soon. I �� casseroles. You and Paul don’t like your foods touching. Lol. A beautiful morning to vote. Thanks to the universe we have this right. Asking the universe for the best situations for all resulting from this election. God and Goddess speed to all.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  2. I love casseroles. Tried to use the heart emoji. Jmj.
    Love your momma

  3. This looks delicious, I've never though of a beef stroganoff casserole. I believe the true version is just a stew over noodles, but this looks like a lot less work and probably more delicious! <3

  4. I love casseroles ... comforting food for the soul. But yep - they never look as good as they taste.

  5. I'm in this weird spot where there is nothing to vote on this year for my portion of my county - I don't live in any city limit, just the county. There is nothing to vote on! But, we are canvassing for candidates for next year, so at least there is that. Also I feel like the more like dog food a casserole looks like the better it tastes :)

  6. Haha does anyone really know what beef stroganoff is supposed to be??? I think this sounds good! Casseroles are my favorite because less clean up.

  7. Looks yummy. I think its a beef stroganoff casserole or pie? Yummy either way!

  8. hahaha strokemeoff. hilarious. i just call it strog because i'm lazy. i have a mushroom strog on the recipe list for this week, i've been meaning to make it for years. i alternate between serving strog on rice or egg noodles. either way, so good. i've never made my own cream of soup, i'll have to check that recipe out!

  9. That sounds like something my mom made growing up
    Comfort food kinda thing - the best!

  10. Oh that sounds so good!

    Voting this afternoon.

  11. I was going to say I actually have no idea what beef stroganoff is, but this sounds really good.

  12. This just sounds creamy and delicious and hearty for a cold fall or winters day. I'll have to give this a try next time I have a second to cook a meal, lol.
    Also, beef strokemeoff will never not be funny...

  13. I have really only had it the hamburger helper way. Who knows what it really is! I am voting!

  14. I love stroganof but have never tried it with crackers on top.

  15. Well this looks delicious and perfect for one of these cold, dark nights! I voted today and actually had to wait for a bit in line, which made me so happy.

  16. Whatever that is, it's looks DELICIOUS! :D Pure comfort food.

    Nicole @ www.bentomomentos.wordpress.com


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