Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Unpopular? Opinions assholes, we all have them. Isn't that a weird saying?

Anyhoo some are deemed to be publicly popular/universally accepted. You never know until you put it out there, right? Here are some of my opinions that might be unpopular. You let me know. Also, does anyone else feel like I've done this blog post before? 

Eating coconut is like eating shredded paper.

Christmas Day is my second least favorite day of the year.

The Christmas season begins after Thanksgiving.

Listening to a book is not the same as reading a book in any way.

College is not for everyone.

Kids who don't understand what the words mean should not be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Teachers are underpaid.

A lot of Beatles songs suck. I don't dislike them but I don't get worshiping at their altar either.

Most country music sounds like people singing hurdy gurdy over and over again.

I have zero interest in podcasts, Harry Potter, or Game of Thrones. I've listened to them/attempted to read/watch them and, no.

Fruit does not belong on hot food unless it's a dessert.

I don't get the hubbub about Beyonce.

No one should have to pay for medication they need to survive.

Churches should not be tax exempt unless they are doing some serious fucking work for the poor, needy, and under-served in the community

Long rounded nails creep me out. So do ragged, unkempt/uneven nails.

If you support government laws on abortion you think you have the right to tell others what to do with their bodies. If you don't support those laws, you think every person has the right to bodily autonomy. Period. It is that simple. Pro-life and pro-choice are dog whistle words. Do you think you can control someone else's body? Would you give up control of yours to the state or to Joe down the street to tell you what you can and can't do with it? Would you support having children born against someone's will placed in your home for life? Where you actually fall on the subject of abortion lies in your answers to those three questions.

I'd rather clean the bathroom toilet than go out dancing.

I simultaneously hate the term adulting and think it is perfect.

Tell me some of yours. 

Happy happy happy birthday to my aunt Maria! 


  1. Eye don’t remember this blog topic. It’s good. Agree on most. Eye do like to dance. Especially with the grandchickens. Or with myself. Pro life supporters allow molestors to molest and like to deny health care for live humans. Christmas spirit every day. Love this post. Love you.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  2. Oh man I disagree with the Beatles statement :) I felt the same way about Game of Thrones until I made it through two episodes - then I became hooked and we're currently on season 5 catching up! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love that opinions are just that - an opinion. I don't agree with all of yours but that's why they aren't my opinions, haha :) It's always funny to hear the Christmas debate here because our Thanksgiving is in October...but regardless I usually hold off on all the decorating until the end of November because that's more than enough time for all the extra fancy stuff in the house and the kids asking me to count down ;) I've never thought about how I feel about the word adulting! It's a weird one! Totally agree that college isn't for everyone although I'm glad it was for me because I loved it.

  4. OH MERCY... So many of these, I'm like, "I"M NOT ALONE!!!"
    Beyonce, Christmas, audio books vs real reading, nails... ALL THE YES!!!!

  5. *nodding my head* during pretty much all of this. I can't stand shredded coconut and seeing it in a recipe means an automatic 'nope'. Audiobooks, podcasts, country music, Beyonce, dancing - all in the nope-column. GoT and Harry Potter - books were way better than the series/movies. Yep to the Pledge, teachers, college (I wish I had had a clue on what I wanted to do before jumping right into college.) Beatles - overrated. Pretty much the only thing I disagree with (and we CAN disagree because opinions aren't facts) ... pineapple on my pizza - all day long.

  6. Some I totally agree with, but I love coconut, Harry Potter, audiobooks (but, totally not the same, I agree), and country music. But really, why is Beyonce so popular? I don't get it, I don't understand where it came from.

  7. Oh my! I love you but I love Beyonce. I'm obsessed with her newest song benefiting Puerto Rico and I love to dance (like I'll be the only person on the dance floor and have no problem with it) but I basically agree with everything else. Especially abortion. Someone at the voting parking lot last night had a bumper sticker that said "Smile, your mom choose life." I didn't see who it was but I could of punched them. As if anyone "choosing" an abortion is just making a mindless easy decision. Grow the fuck up and keep your damn laws off my body.

  8. I enjoy hearing other people's opinions because that's what makes this world so great. I like unique over basic, ha. Would love to hear more about Christmas being the second least favorite day and did you mean HP moves/books or both? I hate the term altho and tho [just write out the damn word], totally agree about teachers, especially those who spend the extra time before and after work, Beyonce is cool but not AMMMMMAZING.

  9. I agree with some of them - books vs audiobooks being number 1 - they are not the same. Not even close. I agree with Beatles, and lets add to that Bob Marley and MJ. There are a few Bob Marley songs I like but I dont get the full hype and Im from the Caribbean, and even fewer MJ songs I can handle without being annoyed by his voice. Whoops.

    I have an opinion that from your instagram pics, I know you will find unpopular hehe - unless its like a frappe or something (and I probably had 5-10 of those total in life), Coffee is a hot drink. Many disagree with me obvs. lol

  10. Yes to most of this especially the Christmas season starting after Thanksgiving and teachers being underpaid. But a knife went through my heart about Harry Potter. I didn't get it either, and then gave it another chance and now I'm obsessed to put it lightly.

  11. "Most country music sounds like people singing hurdy gurdy over and over again." Literally LOL'd on that one. Must say I agree with that for a lot of country singers both past and present.

  12. I feel teh same way about Beyonce (this was actually my answer to a drinking game once about who you don't like that everyone else seems to like. Someone else said Oprah I believe). And yes to teachers being underpaid--BIG TIME! And I agree with you that Christmas celebrating shouldn't happen until after Thanksgiving, and that the state or my neighbor shouldn't be able to tell me what to do with my body. And so many more of these that I can't list them all. I do love me some Harry Potter though haha

  13. I agree with church and taxes. I think there needs to be some sort of process where they have to prove the work they are doing in order to be tax exempt. Because the churches that are doing it right need that to continue helping people, but the ones that aren't....nope. Nope.

  14. I definitely agree with your politics here... I generally feel not that interested in a lot of "popular things". Beyonce is one I agree with. She's talented, but I'm not obsessed. I love Harry Potter, but can't seem to find the time to do podcasts. I have listened to a few episodes of some.. it's just hard because I struggle to multi-task during them. Whatever. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  15. AMEN to this: "Listening to a book is not the same as reading a book in any way."

  16. Agree on coconut, audiobooks, The Beatles, Beyonce, and Harry Potter. Actually, I agree with most of what you said. Except fruit. Sometimes I like fruit in hot food. Grilled chicken and pineapple is delicious.

  17. I detest eating coconut, but the smell always reminds me of summer which I love. I can't think of an instance where fruit would be on hot food. I agree with most of these, with the exception of Game of Thrones. Why don't you like Christmas Day?

  18. I hate country music. The show "This is Us" is terrible. Pumpkin Spice-flavored anything is disgusting. Did not like "Stranger Things." Onions are GARBAGE.

  19. I agree with almost 100% of these.

  20. I agree with most of this except for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Podacast, three of my favorite things! I cannot agree with you more about the tax exemption for religious organizations/churches. It practically bankrupts our city the Catholic church owns so much land tax free! I hate pickles. They are cucumbers soaked in evil.

  21. I don't get the hype around Beyonce either. And I am not a huge Beatles fan. For me, I can't stand the Bachelor or Real Housewives. I couldn't get into Stranger Things. I don't understand some of the clothing trends right now, mainly the stirrup pants and body suits I see in stores. I thought we all agreed that shit wasn't practical in the 90s and let it go?

  22. I have this same post scheduled for tomorrow haha.

    I've never understood the Beyonce hype. And I've never enjoyed the Beatles either. I don't get the HP love at all, and I have tried to read those books...Game of Thrones is okay.

  23. I hate when people use the word gift as a verb. "Someone gifted this to me." Stop it. Speaking of gifts, I hate gift guides. I don't need to read 823 posts with affiliate links of ideas for all sorts of groups of people. No thanks.

  24. Christmas is not one of my favorites either and I totally agree it doesn't start until after Thanksgiving!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  25. Oh my gosh. PREACH on the Beatles and Beyonce thing. I don't get it. People lose their shit over both groups/people/whatever and I don't enjoy either.
    I also agree with teachers being under paid, college not being for everyone, and listening to books vs. reading them. I like country music & Christmas, though ;)
    I 100% agree about abortion.

  26. I agree with you on so many things. Adulting, Beyonce and obviously teacher's paychecks. I respectfully disagree on podcasts, Harry Potter and GoT, but I also understand how they may not be for everyone.

  27. Admittedly, I found myself agreeing with a majority of your post! I definitely do not like coconut and I believe that Christmas begins after Thanksgiving... however, I do love Christmas day ha ha! College definitely is not for everyone and that is okay. Teachers are underpaid, ironically I had this conversation with a teacher earlier today. I am not a huge Beyonce fan and most of her music drives me crazy. In fact, I still swear she says "surf borT" in one of her songs and it drives me bonkers. Lastly, churches should not be tax exempt. Working at a financial institution, I see their accounts and it is insane.

  28. Teachers are definitely underpaid and I agree with you about fruit not belonging on hot food. Like pineapple on pizza....I just can't!

  29. I definitely agree on churches and fruit not being on hot food. Ha ha. This is an ongoing debate with my other brewery co-workers. We are separated into two camps -- pro pineapple on pizza and anti pineapple on pizza. I'm definitely anti.

  30. I'm totally with ya about Beyonce, coconut shavings, about teachers being underpaid, and the Christmas season beginning after Thanksgiving.

    I disagree about fruit on hot dishes (grilled pineapple on chicken is wonderful, in my opinion, as is on pizza with ham).

    About listening to audiobooks... It's no secret that I'm an avid audiobook listener. Although I may not have physically read all the books listed on Goodreads, like with my eyeballs, I've still taken in the content, I've just done so through an alternate means. Yes, reading a book and listening to a book are very different, but in the end, the comprehension can be the same (depending on the listener). It's sort of like the difference between those who walk half marathons and those who run them. The experiences are different, to some degree, but in the end, they all (hopefully) cross the finish line.

  31. Oh my word, YES to the pro-choice argument. As for Christmas, well, you and I are going to have to have some words ;)

  32. i am with you on the beatles and beyonce. i do listen to audiobooks but... i think it's okay because i clearly read enough real/e-books to satisfy that need or to make me a reader. i do judge a teensy tiny bit when people ONLY do audio. like no. that doesn't count.
    i am with you on christmas and teachers. i also agree about college, it's not as big of a deal at home. people still go to uni of course, but it's very common not to, and still do well. especially depending on the kind of job or career you want. yes to everything about abortion. also, i love dancing, i love the idea of going out dancing, but i hate not being in control of the music and i hate people. so. sign me up for cleaning the toilet too.

  33. Coconut is nasty. I'm with you on the shredded paper comparison.

    Teachers (and counselors), particularly in urban schools, should be evaluated on outcomes, not inputs. Just because you say you love the kids doesn't mean your entitled to teach them.

    Counselors should be evaluated on outcomes. If a third of your senior class does not have the credits to graduate because you counted incorrectly, you should not still have a job. If it happens repeatedly, I vote for a class action lawsuit.

    Colleges should have to spend as much money on financial aid as they spend on athletics. Colleges shouldn't be allowed to give merit aid to attract rich kids until they stop gapping low income kids. Colleges should be held accountable for outcomes, too.

    Actually, we should cut college athletics because we know high impact sports causes CTE. We're giving kids brain damage in the name of entertainment (and adults making so much $$), and we aren't providing insurance for their care later on.

    Health care is a right, not a privilege.

    Hm. I have lots of opinions.


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