Friday, June 14, 2013

The Friday Five - Dad Version

I bet you think you have the best dad, but that's false. I do.

My wedding - September 2010
Five things I can thank my Dad for:

1. I've reached higher, done better, and taken more chances in my life because I've always known my Dad was standing behind me to encourage me or pick me up if I fell. I've never glanced back, I've never had to. I've always just known he's there.

2. My appreciation for a good beach trip, sunset, and travel.
Key West for my Dad's 50th - October 2006
3. I hold my lifelong friends dear and cherish my relationships with them. My Dad is still best friends with guys from his younger days and I've seen the immense value in that. They are a part of his family and thus, a part of mine, just like my friends are a part of my family.

4. Regular oil changes in my cars.

5. Recognizing the value of working hard, personal growth, trying new things, laughing loudly without inhibition, Bruce Springsteen...too many other things to list. Thanks for everything, Dad.

Cape May - June 2012

Wait! Don't leave! Go check out my top five chick flicks on Gwen's blog Confessions of a Gila Monster today! The title is from Dirty Dancing, you know you wanna.

Happy Father's Day weekend to all of you dads!


  1. Love this. Especially #3- my dad is still best friends with his friends from high school, and I've been lucky enough to grow up with their children like family. It's pretty awesome.

  2. Awwww!! Oil change is so true! Happy Father's Day to your dad! Super cute photos!

  3. Love all of these, but your dad can be the best dad in the North, but mind is the best dad in the South! =)

  4. Happy father's day Steph's dad!

    My dad also taught me about oil changes...but I can't say that I have always used those lessons!

    The classic line from my dad was "fight your own battles" whenever my sister or I would tell on the other one to him. I think I will probably parent the same!

  5. #3 is the same way my family is. and #4, when the oil needs to be changed (or anything else for that matter) the rule was that we had to learn how to do it while he fixed it.

  6. so many lessons learned from dads...

  7. Great pics and love it :)

  8. I do have the best dad, but I think yours sounds like a pretty darn good second ;)

  9. Awwwww! Happy Father's Day to him! I am glad he helped to create you.

  10. Fantastic pics!!! I want to be friends with Papa Mellor! Anyone with a love for Bruce is OK in my book

  11. Growing up, I had friends with no dads and it helped me to value my dad so much more. Cheers to you and your dad! Have a great weekend.

  12. Love this post! You are such a sweet daughter!!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for linking for Friday Favorites!

  13. Awe, looks like an awesome dad! Mine's pretty awesome too :) Happy Weekend!


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