Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: any way the wind blows

1. I'm feeling in between this between summer and fall, in between working and living, in between home and shore home, in between wanting to do and wanting to be lazy, in between this book and that book. In between isn't bad, it's just weird.
2. I'm not feeling in between on commuting. I'm feeling straight up worn out. It has been prolonged hell with the trains still out of service and the 20 SEPTA put back on last week already pulled off for further repair. Every morning and evening commute is at least 20-30 minutes longer than it normally is. It's grinding me down.
3. The Samsung Dishwasher Debacle of Summer 2016 has finally come to an end. After 15 phone calls, over 30 emails, and a lot of insanity, they have deposited the $404 they've owed me since July 18 into my account. VICTORY IS MINE.
4. Many Trump supporters are calling Hillary they know he's older than she is? Continually LOLing and WTFing over this entire election.

5. I'm really doing it, you guys. I'm attempting to pack for Ireland in a carry on. Debbie showed us her ways at the shore last weekend. I'm giving it a go. It helps that I'm planning to do a load of laundry mid-way between the trip. I bought a new suitcase for the task at Marshalls and am waiting on a compression bag. I also want new leggings. So basically any recent shopping is for our upcoming trip.

6. And I've also been shopping for Libby, the newest member of my aunt army. Kim and Steve ushered this lovely little lady into the world last week in Boston. I cannot wait to meet her but photos will suffice until then.

7. Geege is this week's million dollar dog. He's having pricey as fuck dental surgery today. It worries me to have a 12 year old dog put under. Keep a good thought for him if you could!
8. Tomorrow! Are you ready?
Life According to Steph
9. Reminder. Thanks to Rebecca at Knit By God's Hand for sharing on Friday.

10.  E-card of the week...

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Stuff, Things, etc.


  1. In between is a good way to describe how I think a lot of us are feeling . . . you're right, it's not bad or good. Just different. Bummer about the commute - I remember those days - it's just a time suck and seems so illogical that it should take so long! High Five on the dishwasher win - doesn't that feel awesome?! You got this carry on packing . . . you'll be so glad you did! Prayers for Geege . . . he'll do great!

  2. Totally with you on the in-between feelings this week. I hope Geege does ok today! I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating that longer commute must be.

  3. Jmj on the continued double standard - FDR was in a wheelchair. JFK was constantly ailing. God knows what trump is pumped up on. This negativity is horrendous with this election. Anyway/ tons of healing lights to Geege ! This weather is glorious. Love that Libby is being called Libby! Thank the universe Samsung finally paid up. I retweeted your tweets enough!Carpe Diem!
    Love. Your. Momma.

  4. Poor little expensive Geege! I'll be thinking of you guys today! And number 9..that is GOOOOOD.

  5. carry-on travel is the way to go...i've been doing that since 2008 when my luggage got lost and i've been terrified since! you are 100% right in that mid-travel laundry is the way to go. i'm bringing all of our clothes/stuff in a single carry on for our florida trip + detergent and shizz for mid-vacay laundry. btw, that's my and kayla's clothing/shizz in a single carry-on!

  6. Do my goals have to be fall related? I have a goals post in my head but it has nothing to do with the time of year, just the time of me. Football is on tonight which should mean I have time to blog.

    Good luck and good thoughts to Geege! People calling out HRC for working while sick bother me so much... who among us hasn't gone to work when we should have stayed home? And hooray for you and Samsung, but holy hell, what an ordeal.

  7. I went to Mexico for a week with nothing but a carry on but that is easier since its hot and summer cloths take up less space. But you can do it! Sending good vibes for Geege!

  8. I feel you on the 'in-between' thing- I love summer, I love fall, but it feels like we're towing the line between the two now. I don't know how to dress (mornings are cold but then afternoons get warm) and I still have Summer Brain at work which means I want it to feel more carefree but I recently realized we don't have a company holiday until THANKSGIVING and party time is basically over.

    Good luck to Geege!

    Also, I am exhausted from this election. Just so sick and tired of it. It's a complete circus.

  9. Good luck with getting everything into carryon!!! I tried that just going to Maine for 5 days and the makeup and "extra" stuff made it hard. - Dorrie @ Rt 1 US 1

  10. Thanks for the shout out.
    Sending well wishes for little pug-man & those teeth.
    You can do it - there's so many packing tutorials. you'll be so happy to not have to deal with the hassle of luggage.

  11. Thinking of Geege today, I hope he's okay!

  12. Hoping Geege's surgery goes well! I'm feeling you on the in-between feelings and it not being bad just weird. Soo glad you finally got everything settled with the dishwasher!

  13. I think people really underestimate the affect of a laborious commute. When I was in-office for a contract position last year, the first thing I did each morning after leaving my apartment was sit in awful traffic with people driving dangerously; the last thing separating me from the comforts of home was an excessively long commute. That wears a person down and it's a bigger deal (and much bigger stressor) than a lot of people really consider.

    Congrats on the Samsung battle being won and over!

    Poor Geege - and poor you and MFD! Virtual puppy hugs is way.

  14. Good luck Geege!!!! Why is dental stuff so dang expensive?!?! Human or otherwise, woof. Kristen is always packing in carry-ons for trips and lots of other people have posts on it too so I think you can totally handle it! So glad you got the dishwasher stuff figured out and refunded! Yay!

  15. Good vibes for Geege!
    And thanks for the 'fall goals' link-up image! Just added it to my post for tomorrow :)
    I feel ya on the in-between thing.
    I'm getting ready to fight with the flea/tick collar company on a rebate they owe me right now :( Sons of bitches...

  16. So many congrats to Kim!!!

    I can't believe you're packing for Ireland in a carry on. I'm going to San Diego for 5 days and questioning if it's possible.

  17. i am feeling slightly in between as well. i came back on monday, and didn't feel like doing reality for the rest of the week, so i am taking it off - no exercise, meal planning, whatever. i still have to work, but still. vacation for the mind. kind of.
    sorry about the commuting hell! i miss public transport, but i don't miss how it never seemed to work as well as it should.
    my mother in law needs a new dishwasher and was talking about samsung and i was like NO DON'T DO IT. haha.
    YOU CAN DO THE CARRY ON!! especially if you are doing washing halfway through, easy peasy!
    oh geege. dental surgery and the virus! hope all goes well.
    i kept meaning to ask you when the goals link up was, so yay! i will join in for sure. should probably make some goals.

  18. Compression bag- is that like those vacuum ones where you suck all the air out or something else? How long are you going for? Doing laundry halfway through will definitely help, but good luck! YAY for monies and a new member of the fam! And sending lots of positive thoughts for Geege!

  19. I'm glad that you finally got your money back from Samsung!

  20. Glad the dishwasher debacle has finally been put to rest and in a positive manner for you! My commute is, to borrow your phrase, grinding me down, too. The older I get, the less capable I am to tolerate it. 90 miles of driving every damn day... Something has to give and give soon.

    I am very interested to see how the packing in the carryon works for you. I hope you write a post about it or include it in a post when you return.

  21. I hope the dental surgery goes well!! You will have to do a post on how you pack!

  22. Good luck to Geege! He is an adorable old pug man. Wow, I had no idea that SEPTA debacle was still going on. I remember it being on the news every morning right before I quit work about a month ago. Holy moly.

  23. I hope Geege pulls out of surgery with no problems whatsoever! And that picture is fantastic!

  24. Carry on is the way to go. This woman is a packing ninja... but she didn't pack cold weather clothes. Good luck!

    Good luck with Geege! <3

  25. That is awesome that you won the victory in the dishwasher battle!

    Carry on all the way baby. Seriously it just takes so much stress off of travel.

    Hope Geege goes through with flying colors!

  26. Damn it, I missed the memo on your Fall Goals linkup! The changing leaves and nice Fall weather lacks around here but quarterly goals could suffice. That last ecard is so me! Ask me about calculus in college?

  27. Love the name Libby... so cute!
    Glad Geege did well the other day! :D (That is a toofless smile.)


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