Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: It's someone's birthday

1. Happy birthday MFD! Wishing you a killer last year in your 30s filled with adventure, peace, abundance, opportunity, biting fish, love, and as much laughter in your life as you bring to mine.
Also celebrating birthdays today: Debbie, AJ, and Griffin. Love to all of my September 1 babies!

2. We are spending some time down the shore for MFD's birthday, and I'm looking forward to sort of losing time and not really having a schedule. In our house, the birthday person makes the call for what they want to do on their birthday so today is entirely up to him! I see some sort of fishing in my future. Good thing books are portable! Hey ohhh.

3. Gus's birthday was Monday and it was...shitty. That night he was crapping blood all over the house and throwing up. MFD came home from the shore Tuesday to take him to the vet and he got bloodwork done. Wednesday I took him back for x-rays. We should know something today or tomorrow, so please spare a prayer for my first puppy. Meanwhile Geege was fretting and Mae was out back tracking and hunting cicadas like Crocodile Dundee. Only with cicadas of course.

4. Have I mentioned that Geege has a stroller now? I am having to carry him at the shore a lot, and I simply can't. It was delivered on Sunday and I'll be that lady soon. Oh, look...she's pushing her a stroller. He'll be comfortable, my arms won't be broken, and the other two dogs can carry on as they would, so no fucks given.

5. When my friend Catie shared this this week I thought damn it's like the bottom was written by Maisel. Well, Hazel. It made me laugh a lot.

6. I hit the library Monday for the first time in a while. I was getting no love from my hold list. This Conroy is quite possibly a re-read but I couldn't remember so I put it on my to read list and picked it up. Show Us Your Books is on September 13. There should be a new Armchair Librarians dropping sometime today in which Jana and I discuss Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. In future episodes we will be doing a Ruth Ware podcast (discussing The Woman in Cabin 10 and In a Dark, Dark Wood) and The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. We also have an Instagram account (blank right now but please give us a follow) and are looking for other bookish souls who'd like to take it over for a few days at a time and share your bookish life. Let me or Jana know if you're interested.

7. Seasonal goal people, the Fall Goal linkup with Sara from Journey of Doing and me is on Friday, September 16. Mark your calendars. Feel free to report in on your summer goals too!

8. Well I know ya'll wanted that 808 can you feel that B-A-S-S bass?
9. Reminder. Cultivate your relationship with yourself.

10.  E-card of the week: To MFD today and all of our same aged and older comrades. 

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  1. Hahahahaha that google ecard! Truth! Happy Birthday MFD!!!! I hope you guys have a wonderful time at the shore!!! I am sending all the good vibes to Gus for his test results. Mac is doing some weird downward dog yoga pose and looking at peace right now so I think he is too. That big dog small dog thing is spot on. I like to call it little dog syndrome. Mac has it bad. And there is no judging here over the dog stroller. I have begged Chris to get one we saw at Bargain Hunt one day and he laughed at me and walked away. How rude!

  2. Happy birthday to MFD!! I hope Gus is okay and hope you guys are able to have an enjoyable weekend! I think the stroller is a great need to have sore arms!! Plus, totally cute. :)

  3. Happy birthday to MFD!!! Hope that you have a nice time down the shore celebrating and relaxing! And hopefully no bloody craps! Hope Gus is ok!

  4. Beyond ecstatic that you can spend time at YOUR beach house. #dreamcometrue
    Love the dancing ecard best. Healing lights and love to Gussie and Geege. Mae, Oh, Mae! What fun she has brought to your life! She's a pistol with adorable and fast little feet! Happiest birthday to Mike Doyle! Love. Your. Momma v

  5. Sending happy thoughts Gus' way! No shame in the stroller! Lady had some health issues and surgery and I almost bought one (until we tested one and realized strollers were her own personal hell :))

  6. Happy Birthday, MFD!!! Hoping for positive results for Geeg - I'd totally have a stroller for my dogs (or will when that day comes, haha). My Gigi totally has that small dog complex!

  7. Aww, Happy Birthday to MFD!!
    I'm sorry about Gus :( I'll definitely be thinking of him! What a birthday- geez. I love the dog stroller :) And the big dog vs. small dog mentality- PERFECT. Haha!

  8. Happy Birthday MFD!! Hope you have a great day! I love when I see dogs in strollers, it is so cute.

  9. Happy Birthday MFD!!
    So sad about Guy, I'm thinking of him and I hope he's better ASAP.
    The dog stroller is magical. My mom has one for her little maltese, he's like 12 or older, we don't even know. He loves it. The other two (Joey and Hawkeye) are always trying to get in it!

  10. Prayers for Gus! Birthday wishes for MFD!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MFD! And a stroller for Geege, that must be a huge help! But poor Gus - sending *hugs* and hope he feels better soon <3

  12. happy bday to MFD!

    i'm currently reading Underground Railroad!

  13. Happy birthday MFD! I hope the George gets to feeling better soon! Also I would totally push my dog around in the stroller #NoShame

  14. Happy Birthday MFD!!!
    Sending some well wishes for your fur baby. Our Bruno is having a hard time right now too - its just rough watching these little creatures get old. Breaks my heart.
    I TOTALLYYYYY need a stroller like that. I'd take Bruno or Zoe to the park in that in a heart beat. Proudly strutting with all the moms.

  15. Happy birthday to MFD & all of the other Sep 1st birthdays! I hope that Gus is better soon.

  16. Happy Birthday to MFD! Hope you guys have a great weekend celebrating! Hope Gus gets better soon!

  17. Happy birthday to MFD. :) I hope that Gus is feeling better and healing up! :) I haven't read any of those books. I have been trying to finish out some non-fiction... which I successfully did one of. And now I'm just CRAVING fiction again. :) Hope you have a great holiday weekend! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  18. Happy birthday MFD! Thanks for being the inspo for my favorite blog segment! Also, thinking of your little precious dog-baby. Hope everything works out! (I laughed at the stroller thing)

  19. I hope MFD's birthday is magical and full of a ton of material for your next "Shit MFD Says" post. Have a great weekend relaxing at the Shore!

  20. I just had this weird sense of deja vu and then realized it has in fact been a whole year since MFD's birthday. I distinctly remember you posting last year. In any event, happy birthday and I hope you have a great day!! :)

    Poor Gus... Sending love and well wishes your way. Does he seem to be in discomfort or pain that you can tell?

    Oh dear lord please tell me Mae is not gross and doesn't go after cicadas?!? *Shudders* yuck!!

    I hope you have a great weekend Steph! Geege is going to be PIMPIN now with his new wheels. Good for him and you both. :)


  21. LOVE the e-card! Happy Birthday to MFD and here's to hoping your pup feels better soon.

  22. Your poor pups. And the pup stroller is an awesome idea. I will be that person someday. Guarantee it.
    And my dogs are medium sized, but they fall into the big dog category on that graphic.

    Have a fun weekend!

  23. I'm so sorry to hear about Gus- I hope he's doing okay! We just saw one of those pet strollers at Home Goods last week and I definitely snapped a picture to send my mom. I've never heard of The Beet Queen but I'm intrigued by the spine & title alone! Happy belated birthday to MFD!

  24. I hated Behind Closed Doors and quit mid way thru...I can't wait to hear what you thought. I would love to "take oveR" the instagram! How fun!

  25. Happiest of B-day wishes to MFD! And all the prayers and love to Gus . . . hope it's not terrible news. Zeus caught a cicada the other night and we were cracking up - it was making such a racket. I fully support the doggie stroller and would totally be that lady - you go girl! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  26. Hope Gus Gus is better now. :(. My department chair made a contraption to roll his dog around the office when her legs weren't strong enough. You'll get no judgment from me. ;)

  27. Happy birthday to MFD! I hope that y'all have the best time celebrating this weekend! And yes to pushing Gus around in the stroller! We're totally those people too because we bring Dart's bed everywhere with us because otherwise he won't lay down because he's so boney. That big dog small dog comparison made me laugh so hard because it's totally true!

  28. happy belated birthday to MFD!
    oh, poor Gus :( I know I am late but I do hope he is okay.
    the pet stroller totally makes sense. i saw a lady with a chihuahua in one in the airport lol
    the large dogs vs small dogs is hilarious. KC's mom has a dachshund, and he thinks he's a rottweiler for sure.
    i remember having to look through encyclopedias instead of google. kids don't know how lucky they've got it these days lol
    so cool you guys have an instagram account for books!!


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