Wednesday, September 7, 2016

TWTW - the long one

When I have an extra long weekend that's more like a week, TWTW is so rote and lacking personality because by the time it comes to write it, I'm just tired and bored with myself (Bruce Springsteen, anyone?). So excuse the drollness and maybe just look at the photos?

Wednesday night MFD and I biked to the north end of Ocean City to see where I used to vacation with my family before eating at Cousins. Huge portions, good food and service.
Thursday was MFD's birthday. The sunrise was rained out, but it cleared up soon after. We had breakfast at Ready's, which was okay. The waitress we had the night before at Cousin's was there, but she wasn't our waitress. She did bring MFD a birthday corn muffin though. Our waitress was sort of rude to the waitress we had the night before and that annoyed me. After breakfast we rode our bikes and sat out with the dogs. They didn't like the stroller for walking but Mae and Geege did best sitting in it.
We spent the afternoon with Lucy the Elephant in Margate. Lucy was built in 1881.  I've been coming to the shore since I was born but had never visited. We got in for $1 thanks to Staci sending us a Groupon. The stairs made me sick but the story of how the town saved Lucy made me cry a little, which balanced out the laugh I got seeing the Welcome to Lucy sign right over Lucy's ass. 
Bay sunset and birthday dinner at The Crab Trap in Somers Point. Really good food set to a background of loud, bad Muzak. Then when exiting we came upon what appeared to be a scene from an 80s movie: an old band playing too loud in an unintentionally brittle bar area, high hair, tight jeans, and dancers clasped together amid the lingering scent of desperation.
Friday sunrise. 
Friday beach day, first at 19th Street then at Corson's Inlet so MFD could fish. Both times we had to leave the beach because I had to pee and was too cold to use the ocean bathroom. I got halfway through this book and abandoned it.
I went to ShopRite then headed home at 10 for Gamma's funeral on Saturday. Right after the lunch we grabbed the dogs and supplies at Home Depot and headed back to the shore to prepare for Hermine. All the efficiency furniture went up on blocks and we moved upstairs into the house. We went to see the ocean, saw a proposal set up, ate at Angelo's, and finished the emotionally and physically exhausting day with frozen yogurt from Yoassis.
I expected to wake up to tropical storm winds on Sunday but alas I did not. We biked up 10 blocks to 23rd then the entire length of the boards to St. James place. The North End beaches were pretty much all ocean and no beach.
Lunch at Yianni's (really good food) and shopping on Asbury to pump some cash into small businesses who lost a lot of money over this holiday weekend. 
Relaxing during the afternoon, in which all the dogs lay with me and MFD gets the big couch to himself, and then a trip down to the beach. I was going to toss these flip flops, but Hermine waves took them out in a rush and brought them back again so I figured I'd keep them. The tops of the two poles are what are usually sticking out of the sand.
Dinner with friends at the Lobster House in Cape May followed by some ice cream and bullshitting at Washington Square Mall. Other Sunday night news: MFD dropped his wedding ring down the shower storm drain (retrieved later, just typical as we are the worst with rings, him dropping his and me barely wearing mine) and Gus wanted to jackass around with squeaker toys at 12:27 a.m.
Monday sunrise, some hausfrauing, putting the efficiency back together, making a list of work to be done in the off-season, taking a trip to the used paperback bookstore, and a solo lunch at Bennie's. I read, lounged, zoned out in front of the TV, and napped while MFD and Jimmy were fishing. We got hoagies from Voltaco's and I was super lazy all night. Perfect day.
Tuesday I woke up on the wrong side of the bed as I knew a return to reality was coming. I did some more cleaning, then we had a late breakfast at Varsity Inn and rode down the boardwalk, buying some home decor along the way. My aunt Dawn and cousin Gabriella were down for an overnight, so we visited with them in between errands and napping and reading.

 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
We got home around 8, and we're back in the swing of it today.

My second three day week in a row. I'm not mad about it.

 photo green_zpsc25796d6.png

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  1. I need a week like this in the worst way. Instead, I will live vicariously through you.

    Re: the squeaky toys at midnight. Dobie does that shit. Makes me crazy.

  2. I have been wanting to get JC a stroller for the longest time! lololol
    Did MFD get his ring back?!?!

  3. Regardless if they are little jumping beans out of that stroller, they are so cute in it!! That stinks that MFD dropped his ring down the drain. Were you able to recover it? Mac always wants to fuck around with toys or chew on his feet, loudly, at the worst times. Sounds like you guys had a decent trip to the shore with lots of good food!

  4. Missed your blog!!! Lovely time in my favorite place other than my home. Best thing ever is you can go there a lot!
    Love. Your. Momma.

  5. I'm glad that you didn't have to deal with too much crazy weather because of Hermine, and that you had a great weekend celebrating MFD's birthday! It looks like y'all had a lot of great food and sunsets/rises too!

  6. ahhh - Lucy. I'd get teary eyed too about an animal being saved.
    Oh gosh - I would have wanted to stick around to sneak pictures of that proposal!!!

  7. ohhhh what a great week! Love all the beach pics!

  8. Super jealous of your extra long weekend! Yay for mostly nice weather and MFD's birthday even if the waitress was a tad rude. How cute are the doggies in their strollers, hope they learn to like them more. And the biggest question is did MFD ever find his ring? That's something that always scares me!

  9. I love the pictures of the pups in the stroller- sorry it didn't turn out so well for walking, haha. (I'm glad it was only a virus bothering your baby, though!)
    That birthday dinner looks delicious!
    Those Friday clouds of gorgeous! Good for you guys with you local business shopping :) And I forget to wear my ring at least once a week. Drives K absolutely nuts. Ha.
    You guys have the cutest little life! That sounds like an awesome week(end)!

  10. tuesday day off FTW! i always take an extra vacation day after labour day because fuck work. sorry that the stroller didn't work out so well.... maybe they'll change their minds next summer?

  11. i loved all these photos! thanks for sharing. :] some of them are absolutely stunning, and i'm jealous that i couldn't see them in person.

  12. Recapping can seem like rehashing and that can be tiring.
    It's great to have the memories documented though!
    And cheers to shopping small! I always try to do that around the holidays.

  13. I'm so jealous of your short weeks. Also, we hear the ice cream truck in our new apartment all the time and it makes me think of you guys every time :)

  14. Pugs in strollers make me laugh. :) I'm so glad that you guys seemed to avoid the worst of the storm. We were really lucky to miss on our road trip. Also... glad I'm not the only one who feels the end of vacation blues. I fell asleep Sunday night feeling the same grumpiness knowing that reality was looming. Sigh.

  15. So glad MFD had a great birthday and that you guys enjoyed the long weekend!! Love all the photos of the pups! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  16. I wish every week could be a 3 day week...why can't we make this a thing? I still want to make what I make though and just work less. :)
    Sounds like you guys had a lovely weekend.

  17. Wow . . . glad you were able to prep for Hermine. Hope MFD had a fabulous b-day weekend. Love all the photos . . . especially the dogs!

  18. i hate when people are rude to waiters or waitresses, including people who work there. it just shows how fake they are when they then go and plaster a smile on their face to serve customers.
    Lucy sounds awesome! i would probably cry too.
    why do you put furniture on blocks? just curious. possible flood? or because of the storm?
    that proposal looks intense!
    we are the worst with rings as well.. okay, just KC. he has lost his like 57 times, and almost all of them have been in the backyard or the gym. weirdo.

  19. Lucy is a lot of fun. I've only been to the Jersey shore once, after a visit to see Antonio's guy crush, Bill Maher, at the Borgata. I remember Lucy, and how funny I thought that there were windows out her ass. Fun roadside attraction, for sure.


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