Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: full of estrogen

1. Too vain to open with nails? Too bad! The color is Zoya Aubrey.
2. Sooo...the debates. I would really like to reply to a lot of discussions on this and begin a conversation about systemic misogyny, which I think is the main cause of the absolute hatred for Hillary Clinton but would likely go over like a shit balloon because it's so ingrained in the fabric of our lives that it is very hard for people living in it to recognize..similar to, you guessed it, systemic racism. So I'll just leave this here, which I took from an article on The Telegraph, a UK paper...we are internationally known for this misogyny and mansplaining and manterrupting that's playing out on a global stage. I'd rather we be able to say I'm not internationally known but I'm known to rock a microphone, you know? I'm embarrassed.

3. I'm also a little unnerved that so many citizens don't know how debates work - like, you are asked a question and given time to answer said question and then your opponent is given time for a rebuttal. If you go over either time, you will be interrupted, asked to stop, and then you finish your thought to wrap up. Even Jesus Christ at the podium is not allowed over time. So Donald wasn't treated unfairly. He was asked to abide by rules of civility, which he clearly thinks is unfair. This is Debate 101. We were all taught this in school, and if you need to brush up, the Internet could tell you all about it. Yet people were all let Trump talk and why are they stopping him but didn't stop her and why can't we cheer for him. is important. So is civilized debate.

4. My liberal feminist killjoy heart has been working overtime all week. Especially when I see women in the comment sections disparaging other women for being weak or being pissed that someone pointed out that women are treated differently. Yes, there are a lot of us who are not afraid of smashing the patriarchy...just as there are a lot of us who are not there yet, who still work in stifling environments or live under the boot heel of a man or have been conditioned that women don't do or say this or that. It is really egocentric to only think of something like equality in terms of your personal situation and experiences. Do you think I put up with sexism? Hell no I don't. I'm more likely to put balls in a vise at the first hint of it. But I know others have to and the fight is not over until no one has to. I'm not going to sit back and say I made myself equal so fuck all the rest of y'all. I'm going to be out there banging that drum until you're equal too and until your daughters don't even have to know what the first hint of sexism feels like. Get it together ladies.
5. Where are my Wawa peeps? If you buy water from there, this one is a little more expensive, but when you buy the liter size you can help provide clean water to those in need. Pick some up today when you're picking up your free coffee of any size. Hydrate and caffeinate, my friends.
6. You can also help provide art to kids in Philadelphia by supporting The Clay Studio's Claymobile, which sends a teaching artist and assistant to under-served areas and brings all the materials and supplies necessary to give a ceramic art lesson. This is the type of cause I love. If you do too, click here to donate. No amount is too small.

7. I wonder how many photos I've taken of my dogs in their lifetime? At least 872 this week alone.
8. Sometimes I recall something I haven't made in a while, make it, and think hot damn I should make this more often. That was the case with these spinach mac and cheese muffins that I made and froze on Tuesday night. It also occurs to me that there are a lot of recipes I haven't shared. Summer was a little light around here on the recipe front as it usually is, but they're going to make a comeback this fall.

9. Reminder: you're not obligated to explain yourself to everyone in the world. The people who matter know.

10.  E-card of the week...Usually.

Happy birthday to my cousin Tyler today!

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  1. not vain at all! pretty nails. you always make me want to paint my nails. maybe i'll put it in my next seasonal goals, lol.
    ugh, you are so right about - well, everything - sexism and 'fuck y'all i got my own equality' because you are right. there are a lot of people who think that it's fine because it is fine in their own situation.
    spinach mac and cheese muffins?! YUM.
    my fall jacket is my winter jacket, and in winter i add layers underneath. haha.
    i have taken SO many photos of my cats. i didn't take a lot of photos of my dog at home when i got her (i was like 18 or 19) so i don't have any photos of her as a puppy, which always made me sad. i'd rather err on the side of too many photos now haha

  2. I love that color on your nails! I am convinced that fall is the best season for everything ha ha. I couldn't even with that debate. I will admit that I did not watch the whole thing. The ten minutes that I did watch pissed me off. I love taking pictures of my pups! If only they would hold still better... Definitely hoping that you share more recipes! Especially healthy ones ha ha!

  3. The best thing about the debate is weeding out the Facebook friends that are Trump supporters. It really urks me when women complain about Hilary and make it personal like, her "shrill voice is so annoying" -Well maybe she wouldn't have to raise her voice if she wasn't interrupted every minute? Its her voice, I am sure if there was something she could do about it, she would.

  4. Amen to the whole Trump, misogyny, debate...everything. Your nails--Love them! And I'm with you on the dog photos haha--so many!!

  5. oh, the debate. While the internet (and canadians) are poking fun at the Gong Show that is the US Presidential Campaign, the reality is that it's a truly scary thought that Trump is actually in the running; an even scarier thought that he has a shot at winning and the worst part is that even through all that shit he's spewing, people are actually supporting him.
    Trump would be the worst thing for America; even worse than Bush Jr and I didn't even think anything was worse than Bush Jr.

    We have plenty of room here in Canada if you want to haul ass up here in case he wins. It's the same weather but you'll have to make some adjustments like changing the way you say "about" to "aboot", eating poutine with everything, switching out Gus, Gee, Mae for beavers, immersing yourself into Hockey Night in Canada which is every night. But we have a nice, good looking and young Prime Minister who is a 100% supporter of feminism and LGBT rights and 100% against racism and stupidity.

  6. I told my father (who is a republican) that I think the GOP were sitting at home thinking, 'For the love of God, Lester. Let the time run out and shut his dumbass down before he says something stupider.' Seriously, though. I wanted to puke for 85% of that debate.
    Love that Maya Angelou quote! I have it hanging in my office.

  7. I feel it best to summarize my thoughts with: Yaaaaassss Kweeeeen. ha. Very well said!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait for the ensuing debates when Trump (a cheater) finally "unleashes" his Bill Clinton cheating comment. I can only imagine the poise with which she will respond.

    Love the dog pics, I can't stop either.

  8. I have a rant about the debate in my post tomorrow. I actually had to turn it off because I was afraid of having a coronary.

    Send me the recipe for those muffins, please and thank you.

  9. Love the polish color.
    I feel so bad for the moderators in these debates. They dont stand a chance with this idiot that is just rude with his interruptions & ignoring rules.
    I started a hashtag just to keep my dogs pictures where I could see them all together on IG - I'm almost to 600 pictures under it. haha.& thats just the pics I share. Not all I take

  10. Feminism is still so important and I wish more people understood that! It also drove me mad seeing Trump interrupt Hillary constantly, so rude!

  11. I made the error in judgement to share the NY Times article about the manterrupting during the debate. As someone who almost never posts anything political, I was trying to share the sexism and trained behaviors points of the article. But, of course, a few political friends jumped on the comments making their political points and I refused to debate with them about the candidates.
    I agree with you about the feminism thing. Not everyone shares my ideals and some women accept different things that me. That was a tough thing to swallow, something that I didn't actually comprehend very well as a teenager and into my early-20s.

  12. Ugh the whole thing with Trump still baffles me. How in the world do people really think that he would be a great choice?
    And the dog pictures I completely understand I think I have more pictures of my cat on my phone than anyone or anything else.

  13. I for sure need mac and cheese muffins in my life. I hate when women put other women down. Pretty sure we get enough of that from men, let's not add to it. The Maya Angelou quote makes me smile, I like that one.

  14. Extra lights to protect us from all the insanity and negativity. It hurts my soul. God help and heal all of us. Love the nail polish and your nails. Warning-nails and toenails get weird as you age. Too much sugar. Damn it!
    God and Goddess speed to all to be safe and sound all the way around! Constant news stories on the Hoboken train wreck. Jmj 💖👼✨☮🍀💪🦄. Love. Your. Momma.

  15. It so baffles me the double standard and misogyny we are seeing. And that so many don't see it. They don't think it's wrong or something that needs fixing. It's even harder when someone you believed to be more enlightened says something dumb. I think my photo gallery is 85% my cat, Max, so I see nothing wrong with taking 800+ pictures of your dogs. :)

  16. "Even Jesus Christ at the podium is not allowed over time." Haha, true, and also funny. I had to stop reading comments. I just couldn't deal. Like I have legit been off social media because of it. Also, I have a gazillion dog photos - such cute babies!

  17. That nail polish color is so perfect! I keep telling myself I am going to order a few Zoya colors because no one around here sells them and I have yet to do that. I need to get on it! I sat and shook my head the entire debate. It makes me sad that these two candidates are the best that we have. How is that even possible? Regardless on my thoughts on either candidate what pisses me off is the fact that I have heard comments about what Clinton was wearing, how her close fit, what her smile looked like, etc. Ummmm this is a debate for the run for presidency not fucking homecoming queen. Why are these even things we are talking about??? We are n ever going to move forward as a society I am afraid.

    I get excited about an old favorite recipe coming back in to the mix too. And umm yes to the fall coat = unzipped winter coat. But I wont need one of those for a few more months. Rage.

  18. "systemic misogyny, which I think is the main cause of the absolute hatred for Hillary Clinton" !!! 100000% yes. I've been saying this for months, and the same about racism and Barack Obama (though a lot of us have been saying that for 8+ years). But honestly, all your debate comments are exactly spot-on and why I wrote what I did about it today—I can't.

    Tangent re #s 2-4, I was horrified when I saw a woman on my facebook feed whose only commentary on the debate was about Hillary's outfit. She claims to be with her, but really? That's your commentary about the first female presidential candidate of a major party? THAT's what was worth talking about Monday night, as a HRC supporter? Gimme a break. But more to the point of #4, that clouded vision is just so sad and is all the more reason to bang the drum like you're doing so well e'rry day.

  19. This whole Trump debacle... I swear. This is real. This is happening. How in the world has this happened? Geesh! what a douche!

    Amen to your thoughts on feminism!

  20. Those mac and cheese muffins look so delicious! I'll have to look for that water.

  21. Brene Brown has a quote like that: Not everyone has the privilege of knowing your story. You're not obligated to explain yourself to everyone.

    My pictures on my computer and on my phone are 90% dog-related. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

  22. ALL of the pictures and memes that you shared for this post are absolutely perfect. Yes, what you had to say was wonderfully stated, but I just thought I'd point out your visual aids this time.

  23. YES to everything you said about the debate and feminism! I just can't handle it. And I was getting so pissed at the stupid idiot candidate for interrupting Hillary constantly AND for not stopping when Lester told him to wrap it up. Newsflash to everyone who thinks the debate was 'skewed' toward Hillary: the reason Lester didn't have to tell her OVER AND OVER to stop, is because she understands how a debate works and stopped when she needed to. UGH.

  24. I had to keep pausing the debate and taking mini breaks because it was just too much. It blows my mind that someone could be THAT close to being president..AND presumably have someone who coaches them on how to act..and still do that the entire debate.

  25. Better late than never! Work is really getting in the way of my blog updating and commenting. Anyway, I read this post of yours last week and the part about the debates & women being treated unfairly? Just…yes. To all of it.

    I watched the debate last week live and felt so sad for Hillary. Not because she didn’t do an incredible job – she did – but because that doofus Trump doesn’t deserve to share a stage with her. The fact that if she loses, she’s losing to HIM. The fact that she has to be berated, ridiculed and on the same playing field as someone who isn’t even remotely qualified or deserving of the position. It’s INSANITY. I will never understand.

    Also, did you see this?

    Lastly, LOVE #9. Yes.

  26. Very good way to enjoy your life. I'd love to sit and rock and enjoy my coffee and chat there with you!


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