Monday, September 19, 2016

TWTW - the one with the framily

Friday afternoon traffic sucked the balls again so I took back roads to the shore, sunroof open and Bruce Springsteen wailing away for company. MFD and I gorged on  all you can eat crab legs at Frankie's on the Bay (and their iced tea/lemonade/strawberry fucking amazing drink), then rode up to the beach to see the spectacular harvest moon before retiring to the porch with the dogs.
I finished a book around 1 am which made a 5:50 alarm tough, but Mr. National Geographic insisted that we had to haul ass over to Sea Isle Saturday morning to see a beached humpback whale. It's sad to see a magnificent creature die. The sunrise...not sad. Balloons released into the wild...super sad. They end up in the oceans, river, streams, etc., and they kill the things that live there. Gus sniffed these out and I took them home to the trash. 
I did some chores then met MFD for breakfast outside at Arlene's on Asbury, followed by coffee at Drip N' Scoop, a stop at the bike store for more reflectors, and some porch time with the dogs. Saturday's weather was tremendous.
Cut to a long afternoon at the beach. Jill & Frank & Tebow, Frank & Amanda, & Joe trickled in throughout the day. We missed Lauren & Kenny and the boys and the Diva, but we'll be doing it again many times in the future. I'm on a Manco & Manco strike in their stores but still enjoy it via delivery, which is what we did for dinner. At night there was some boardwalking, leftover cake eating, fishing, and lounging and gabbing. I fell out around 11:30 and slept the sleep of the dead. 
Easy like Sunday morning with coffee on the porch and brunch at Sunrise Cafe (the chip beef is great) in which we had girls and guys tables and handed our check right over to them.  
Joe headed home and the rest of us took in the salt air cure. It was a lovely afternoon on the beach talking, laughing, reading, and eating pumpkin spice froyo to really blend the seasons. 
The backdrop was a corvette show on the boards. Corvettes as far as the eye could see. 
And then there were two. We closed it out at the beach, did some cleaning up at home, then had dinner at Katrina's and rode home along the boards. Out of season = bikes on the boardwalk whenever you want. 
I was supposed to stay over and go to work from there Monday, but heavy rains were predicted and I did not want the agony of that commute so I arrived home at 10:30, put some laundry in and trash out, and called it a day. I'm glad I did because this morning was a shitshow just getting to the train station.

Weekly food prep did not happen. I took some chicken thighs out of the freezer this morning, and I am placing an Amazon Fresh order ASAP. The fridge is bare. So I'm sort of winging it but thinking chicken and veggies for lunches, egg muffins for breakfasts, and tacos and baked chicken with sweet potatoes for dinners. Still exploring restaurants in Ocean City on the weekends, which has me off my not eating out much cooking game.

 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg

What a weekend. I love relaxing with my people in a place I love. 
How was yours?

Today is my youngest brother's birthday. Love you Swan! Happy Happy! 
Happy happy to our nephew Drew today as well, and my longest life friend Jen yesterday. 

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  1. Happy birthday to your brother & nephew! That beached whale is so sad. The crab legs & chipped beef both look amazing.

  2. Beautiful weekend! So happy you are able to enjoy Stephanie's beach house (referencing Lego toy)September at the shore is the best! Lights and angels to all those commuting!
    Wishing all a splendid week!
    Love your Momma!

  3. That iced tea/lemonade/strawberry drink sounds amazing! So sad about the whale, but that must have been so cool to see! Love that you're still squeezing in beach days <3

  4. Oh my goodness... that beached whale. My heart cant handle stuff like that. So sad. I freak out over things like balloons or plastic that gets in nature & messes with animals. Humans are horrible creatures sometimes.

  5. I had to laugh at Mr. National Geographic, but the beached whale is a sad sad thing. Reminds me of the Silver Bay book that I read a few months ago. Sounds like you got in a lot of beach fun again this weekend. I would have been off my meal prep too with all of that activity! We are having tacos two nights this week, I love easy meals.

  6. Glad you got to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend! I totally need to go grocery shopping soon too, my fridge is a joke right now haha.

  7. I LOVE that your home has basically given you perma vacation time. This all seems so lovely. That would be very crazy to see a whale that up close - and sad as well. Thanks for letting me enjoy the sunrises through you - since I can't manage to get up early enough.

  8. I'm so sad about the whale :( What a miserable way to die... I'm glad you got to trash some balloons, though. In an odd way I'm sure you saved a critter's life by getting rid of them while a whale lost his/her... *sigh* (I hate when I see balloon releases. UGH.)
    We missed the harvest moon because it was so cloudy here :(

  9. Sounds like a lovely beach weekend and now I craving lemonade!

    So sad about the whale. 😞

  10. I don't care about anything but Sean's birthday. Why did you even write about anything else? ;P
    So sad about the whale!! "The sea was angry that day, my friends...!" :(
    Good call on coming home Sunday night instead of going to work straight from there... your commute has been enough of a pain in the ass as it is lately!

    1. I was waiting for a comment like this and you did not disappoint...

  11. What a perfect weekend. Off season is the best. I think we are heading down to my in-laws' house in Wildwood Crest this weekend and I can't wait.

  12. Looks like a great weekend (with the exception of the dying whale). The Corvette show on the boardwalk looked really fun as did having the beach practically to yourself (based on your photos)!

  13. Your weekends are always action packed and fun-filled with friends/family and beautiful scenery! Food prep is definitely not as fun and can take a backseat from time to time. lol I'm sure the corvette show was a nice change of scenery...ok well mainly for the guys/car lovers

  14. That harvest moon was something else . . . absolutely gorgeous! We had a clear night so it just seemed like it was giving us a show. Oh, the whale. That makes me so sad . . . they really are magnificent creatures. I'm with you on the balloons . . . it makes me crazy when folks at weddings or funerals do it . . . I know it's meant to be so special and all I can think about is a bird choking on it. Good for you for cleaning them up yourself! Can I tell you how much a LOVE chipped beef? I hardly ever see it on a menu down here . . . it's my favorite breakfast that my mom makes me! I would have loved a Corvette show . . . that's really the only reason I was ever jealous of Barbie.

  15. OK, so what was the deal with the whale? I almost cried when I saw your post. On a different note, the moon pictures were swoon worthy. We were at the Mets game Friday night and it was so beautiful in the night sky.

  16. So sad about the whale.
    The end of tourist season has to be extended family always goes to OCNJ in September.
    Ugh to the meal prep. I don't understand why it's so much work. If you're feeling even slightly demotivated, it circles the drain.

  17. I don't care for the beach but seeing how you do it makes me want to give it a try. Food and sitting with no bathing suits in sight? And ice cream and coffee?

    My dumb SIL commemorated her dog dying with a balloon send off... I wanted to be like guess how many other animals you're endangering, idiot. Ugh with people.

  18. Extremely sad to see the beached grey or blue whale it looks like. Had he/she been beaches long before dying do you know? What perplexes and deeply saddens me is seeing mass deaths when a whole bunch of them beach themselves in one area.
    Great harvest moon pictures, and it looks like a nice weekend on the beach. :)

  19. oh, the poor whale :( when i see people release balloons i'm always like, seriously? it is 2016? how are people still doing that? how can they be that stupid and selfish?
    happy belated birthday to 3 of your people!
    on another note, every time you (or anyone really) post a picture of a book, i squint really hard to try and see what you're reading but my eyes are horrible so i don't know why i try haha. the one with the arm and the apple on the cover looks interesting!


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