Friday, September 16, 2016

Summer Goal Report

Life According to Steph
How did I do?

1. Adapt to doing food prep on Monday nights and shift house maintenance schedule to accommodate shore weekends. This took me until mid-July, but I got the hang of not doing all of my food prep on Sundays. 

2. Finalize Europe bookings. Hell yes I did. We are now going to Scotland at the end of our Ireland trip instead of Paris and we're all set for hotels and flights throughout the trip. My dad booked the car in Ireland as well and to/from airport transport here in the US. Dunzo. Meeting of the minds on packing happened earlier in September as well.

3. Finish basement reorganization project for the love of God. Fail. I have this on my calendar two dates in October to see if I can get it done. 

4. Purge summer clothes. Done. Vietnam Vets picked up at the beginning of June and I'm working on another pile in the spare room now. 

5. Sugar scrub twice a week. Yes. With my favorite sugar scrub from Blue Eden in OCNJ.

6. Attend zumba class at new studio. Fail. Hell I failed attending my regular zumba classes. 

7. Try Thursday night yoga class. Fail. I did sign up to attend both six and seven in October, does that count? 

8. Try two new restaurants and two new recipes (one on the grill). I tried La Calaca Feliz in Philly and Ike's Seafood and a host of other new restaurants at the shore. I tried cilantro lime cauliflower and personal portobello pesto pizzas

9. Walk or ride my bike the entire length of the boardwalk in Ocean City. Done! 

10. Visit Philadelphia Museum of Art Sculpture Garden. Done. 

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  1. Not much read in that post so I say you were winning on your summer goals! And having your trip sorted out is the best . . . I love to plan a vacation!!!! I feel you on the exercise goals . . . it's harder in the summer to stay on track!

  2. Good job! I could never make a list like this because then I'd be faced with what an unproductive lazy human I am. So jealous of your Europe trip!!

  3. All in all I'm going to say the things you accomplished led to a great summer. Basement be damned. And saved for a time when the shore house isn't AS alluring! Enjoy your European adventure... It's soon!!

  4. I might give myself a sugar scrub tonight... I'm feeling gross and I need to do a self tanner this week for a wedding we have coming up. BE GONE FLAKY DRY SKIN!

  5. Scotland AND Ireland... my dream trip!!!!!!! I'm sure your pics will be awesome, but I plan on sporting some serious jealousy while viewing them!

  6. yay for yoga and zumba in october! how fun.
    omg SCOTLAND TOO?! i am so insanely jealous but like in a good way! take lots of photos lol

  7. Your trip to Europe sounds awesome!
    You got most of your goals accomplished so that's great!

  8. Oh God, I pretty much forgot about my summer goals. (And about posting my results and fall goals, clearly. I should probably get on that.) Whomp whomp.

    You accomplished most of your goals, though, so that's awesome! And Europe is going to be so much fun for you guys!


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