Tuesday, September 27, 2016

TWTW - the one with the anniversary

I commuted to work from the shore on Friday, which meant I had the dogs walked and fed and was on the beach reading in time for magic hour.
Dinner at Ike's, homemade lemon meringue ice cream from George's, and a stop in Shriver's for salt water taffy. Their windows are done up for fall, y'all.
Saturday was gray, so it was only me and the birds on the beach at dawn. I took the dogs for a long walk and hung out for a bit relaxing.
We spent 2.5 hours on the Cape May Whale Watcher. We saw a humpback whale right out of the gates and followed it around a little. We also saw some playful dolphins on the way back in. No whale pics, I was holding on for dear life in the 4-6 foot seas and after glimpsing the majestic whale in its natural habitat took refuge at the back of the boat...upper deck, since the lower was full of people puking over the back. The captain was awesome and we both said we'd definitely go out again.
My Dad and Carol were in Cape May with her parents and her brother and Sue, so we stopped to say hi to them. We were going to get a bite then head out to Beach Plum Farm, but Cape May was crowded as hell and I was hangry so we steered towards home.
We had a late lunch at the Tuckahoe Inn with all the other old people there for the early bird special. Great views, good food, and we crossed another thing off my 40 before 40: leave a 100% tip.
We attempted to take a nap, but Gus was being a dick, so we rode our bikes to get massages instead, then settled in on the couch to read and do nothing. It was lovely.

Sunday was our sixth anniversary, so we were up with the birds to see the sun rise on a beautiful day.
Breakfast sandwiches from Sunrise Cafe and some lolling around, followed by some shopping at Blue Eden for lotions and potions and Peace of Wood for original art. I hung the wave photo upstairs at the house here and the quote is going to my office at work. I also commissioned a Buddha quote which I'll pick up in two weeks. They have an awesome vibe. One of the things I love about being down here is consistently supporting small businesses that are our neighbors.
We spent the afternoon in Corson's Inlet, MFD fishing and me reading and minding the assholes. Mae whined relentlessly, Gus was rummaging through my bag for food, and Geege was my best good boy as always. He is the only suitable for public dog.
We dropped them off, cleaned the sheets and towels out of the house from renters, then headed back to the beach for a few more hours. On the beach on a Sunday night at 6 pm is the best life. For you Shit MFD Said fans, he actually brought his own toenail clippers and didn't even ask me if I had any. This is also a good example of something he does that I hate with a passion and makes me want to barf but heyohhh, we're still married. We ate salad at home, then biked the length of the boards and had gelato at Shriver's.
I slept like a rock for over 10 hours and lounged in bed until 9:30 on Monday. It was fucking glorious. Breakfast at Jon & Patty's - I got the PB&J stuffed french toast - and a bike ride rounded out what was left of the morning.
A little work in the house and a little work work on the porch then it was beach time. You could not beat this beach day for it being September 26. We took what will certainly be my last swim of the season. The water was warmer than the air and perfect. What's not perfect at the shore, ever? My hair. Don't care.
Cleaned up, packed up, and rolled out by 6:30 Monday night.

Weekly food prep: breakfast burritos from the freezer for breakfasts, salads with grilled chicken for lunches, baked chicken breasts and roasted sweet potatoes with steamed green veg for dinners.

 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
September is my favorite month at the shore by far. This weekend proved it a million times over. 

 photo green_zpsc25796d6.png

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  1. So many things! 1) Happy anniversary! 2) Coastal towns always have the best small businesses. I love shopping near the ocean. 3) PB&J stuffed french toast?! Glorious.

  2. So glad you had a great anniversary weekend and even better that you had an extra day to enjoy it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. we used to vacation in ocean city, and my aunt has a house in avalon so we would drive down to her house for a day any time we were in OC. Passing the tuckahoe inn always made me laugh.. and it apparently still does because when I saw you went there I laughed to myself. Tuckahoe Inn. It just doesn't get old to my 13 year old self haha
    Anyway- Happy belated anniversary!

  4. such a great extended weekend! happy anniversary, you two love birds!!

  5. A dream come true weekend for sure. Love the 100% tip. Giving back is awesome. I love everything about your three day weekend. It's my idea of perfection. Continued God and Goddess speed. Love. Your. Momma.

  6. That food all looks absolutely amazing. I love salt water taffy, so I hope we can check out the shore and Shriver's one day. Happy anniversary! Looks like one of the best beach weekends ever. I love the pug hug photo, they are so adorable.

  7. Ahhh - those puggie snuggles :)
    I so laughed about the toe nail clippers. I've never seen a man more obsessed with them in my life.
    I got a little sea sick just looking at the grip on that boat!!!

  8. But LOL, he had to clip his toenails at the beach? At least he brought his own! I thought the "be peaceful or be gone" quote was what you were going to take to your office, which also seems appropriate.

    I just realized my FIL turns 75 in May (!!!). I think we should plan a party for him and turn it into a shore vacation. You're making me want to try out that life for a few days.

  9. What a fabulous anniversary trip, looks like you did all the fun things. Happy six years!!!

  10. Seriously. You guys are so freakin' adorable- spending all weekend relaxing together and biking and eating and lounging. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you guys were able to spend it together, doing what you love!
    The whale watching sounds awesome! I'm a fan of rough waters and playful dolphins always make me smile! I'm glad you had fun!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Love that you got in one last swim at the shore for the season, and of course any picture that has all 3 duggies in it :)

  12. The fact that he cut his toenails on the beach makes me simultaneously gag and laugh hysterically.

    Happy anniversary!

  13. Happy anniversary!! I loved your post about your anniversary on the weekend and I meant to comment on it but my phone wouldn't let me. Glad you guys had such a great weekend and that MFD brought his own toenail clippers, LOL. That PB&J french toast looks DELICIOUS. We spent some time at the beach this past weekend too and it was SO good for my soul (but the water was WAY too cold & I had to rescue a toddler in it - BRR Canadian Atlantic ;)).

  14. That sounds like the perfect anniversary weekend at the beach, and that PB&J stuffed French Toast looks and sounds amazing! I'm also so jealous of you seeing that Humpback Whale! What an experience!

  15. Happy Anniversary! Looks like an awesome weekend. I need that PB&J french toast right this second.

  16. Ummmm are those ribbon fries in that one picture??!?!?!? I haven't been able to find them anywhere since the days when Stone Mountain Park in Georgia had them and I really really want some right now!!! So jealous of your humpback whale and dolphin siting! How cool! Sounds like you guys had a great anniversary weekend. At least one of your dogs is public approved. LOL

  17. What an amazing weekend to celebrate your anniversary! You had me at lemon meringue ice cream and salt water taffy- yum! So glad you guys saw some whales on your tour, what a cool thing to experience! Jealous of your swim in the ocean and love that picture of you guys after you were in the water!

  18. Happy anniversary! We just celebrated our 6th anniversary, too. It was obviously a good year (and a good month). Sounds like an all around excellent weekend, asshole dogs and seasickness and all.

    Once we have an actual house that is ours to bang holes into the walls of, I definitely want to commission art from local artists and my artist friends. One day!

  19. Happy anniversary!! That's so awesome that you got to see a humpback whale & some dolphins. When you said the lower deck was crowded I was expecting it to be followed by "with people looking for whales" not "with people puking" lol. All of the food looks so good. Especially that wrap.

  20. What a lovely weekend! Great eats, great sunsets, great times with your peeps and pups!

  21. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a perfect weekend with your family! :)

  22. First of all, I am in love with the fact that you left a 100% tip, and I'm adding that to my to do list. But swimming in September! I love this, too! What a great weekend!

  23. The whale watching looks awesome! Other than people puking off the boat, ugh. I would not have been able to deal with that. Happy belated anniversary- cheers to 6 years!


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