Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What do I stand for?

Inspiration for this post is from Candyfloss & Persie - please read Caitlin's post too and check out her blog, it's one of my favorite daily reads. I love her photos. Anyway this has been in drafts for a while, and with a lot of people in America standing for a lot of ignorance these days, I thought I'd share what I stand for.

I stand for going with my gut.

I stand for letting my light shine.
I stand for women lifting each other up.

I stand for the Oxford comma.

I stand for my people - if you are in my circle, you are in my circle and I will do anything for you.

I stand for everyone having autonomy over their own bodies and for there being no laws in this land on women's bodies.

I stand for equality at all levels for all people.

I stand for supporting small businesses.

I stand for saying no.

I stand for nerds - we're all some type of nerd, or multiple types. My dominant nerd type is book nerd.

I stand for doing the right thing, even when it's not popular or easy.

I stand for me being me and you being you - individuality is unique and wonderful.

I stand for trying not to plan anything on a Sunday that requires clothes other than lounge attire.

I stand for feminist ideals.

I stand for doing and making things happen.

I stand for justice, and the overhaul of a justice system that is cracked and rotten in too many areas.

I stand for the value of libraries not only to readers but to the community.

I stand for making my way to the other side of fear.

I stand for drugstore mascara when high end mascara wants to talk shit about it.

I stand for reducing waste, reusing items, recycling, conserving, and being kind to this earth because we do not own it.

I stand for helping others because it's the right thing to do, not for any other reason.

I stand for tending to my own grass.
I stand for dogs on the furniture and wherever they want to be...it's their house too.

I stand for going into almost every situation in life with no or low expectations - if it turns out awesome, I'm pumped. If it sucks, it doesn't really alter my day because I considered that it might.

I could go on for eternity, but I also stand for knowing when to quit.
What do you stand for?

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  1. SO many good things here, and so many that I agree with.

    I stand for using a preposition at the end of a sentence (when I feel like it). See above.

    I stand for families in any shape, look, form that give love, support, and encouragement to one another. Blended families, non-blood families, friends that we choose to be family...I stand for all of these people.

    That's the first one that came to mind without reciting so many that you've listed.

  2. This is a great post! I stand with you! Especially for lounge attire as often as possible:)

  3. Steph - I just love this! I always enjoy reading your posts . . . one of my daily favorites!

  4. I am singing Fun's Some Nights loudly in my head! I agree 50 million percent with all of what you stand for. I am beyond proud of you. Love you to infinity and beyond.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  5. low/no expectations is the way to go...makes life better/simpler/easier.

  6. I stand by you (and Caitlin) on a lot of these- especially that Oxford comma :)
    And pets on the furniture. No, I won't put them away when you come to OUR house. You know there are dogs living here; don't come if you don't like 'em.

  7. I definitely stand with the Oxford comma. And good grammar in general.

    I stand for not spoiling your kids to the point that you do them a disservice, spending money on experiences instead of things, dogs living inside not outside, public libraries, and laughing until it hurts.

  8. I love the oxford comma so much that I made it a part of my instagram bio. I totally agree with what you said about people in your circle. Me too to that. I can rant and rave about people's behavior but if a friend says they do that thing, I will find a way to make it okay for them to do it. Friends are always the exception.

  9. Just a little note: I would have known all of these just by being a reader of your blog. And I just love that. You are so authentic in what you put out there!

  10. Yes to so many of these, but especially with going with your guy and doing what is right. Choices aren't hard when you know your right from wrong. I agree that dogs should be allowed full access to the main areas of the house, including furniture. But maybe not the dining table ;) Haha.

  11. I have to say, NONE of this surprises me which says how good you are at presenting yourself all the year long. Keep on being you!

  12. What a day to get my internet back! I literally just got it last night and log-in today to this wonderfulness. Not just for the shout-out (you nice) but for your own content on it!

    These are my faves: I stand for me being me and you being you - individuality is unique and wonderful. (A++++)
    I stand for drugstore mascara when high end mascara wants to talk shit about it. (Loreal mascara is THE BEST)
    I stand for reducing waste, reusing items, recycling, conserving, and being kind to this earth because we do not own it. (Recycler for life)
    I stand for dogs on the furniture and wherever they want to be...it's their house too. (Now you’re just pandering to EVERYTHING I LIKE, ha)

    And your last one is very Phil Dunphy. He says the key to life is low expectations – and when you really think about it, that’s fairly true! Lol.

    Thanks for the fun read! I’m looking forward to catching up on your stuff this week!

  13. I'm just over here nodding my head at all of these things - and my dogs are currently laying on the couch in the sun.

  14. This is such a great post & such a great list. The Oxford comma one made me laugh because AMEN!

  15. I love this so much, Steph. You know who you are and it shines through in your words and actions. I agree with all of these, some very strongly, and my favorite one is: "I stand for making my way to the other side of fear." YES!

    I stand for following dreams. For tolerance. For standing up to bullies. I'm going to finish the list on a blog post of my own in the future. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Sooooooo we stand for all the same things. No surprise to me there! Whenever I see someone not using the Oxford comma I'm just like...no sir/madam.

  17. I stand for these things as well! Mostly I stand for women lifting each other up! I'm so tired of the incessant need to put one another down I don't need to put anyone down just because they're doing well does not mean that I am not also doing well! Each of us has our own journey. This is a brilliant post by the way!

  18. I love the grass one. It's a tough one I'm really trying to work on! Haven't succeeded quite yet but I'm workING on it.

  19. Love this.
    I discovered I forgot an Oxford comma today and realized it was OKAY, but it still wasn't. There needs to be an Oxford comma.
    Love the dog one. They live here, not the houseguest. They do what they want.

  20. I love this post and thanks for pointing me in the direction of Caitlin's blog too - I fell down a rabbit hole reading some of her posts & I love it. I think it's so important to stand for what you believe in, and you do a great job of portraying that to your readers (and I imagine your real life friends/family as well :)). I love this post idea and might borrow it in the future sometime - I just need to really think (in words) about what I stand for!!

  21. I love this post (and might have to borrow it from you!) Love an agree with basically everything here. Tending to your own grass, letting people be who they are, doing the right thing...on and on and on! Preach girl!!! :)

  22. i have had multiple people explain the Oxford comma to me, and i am 100% certain i still don't understand it and probably do it - whatever it is - incorrectly. i'm gonna go with they didn't teach us that? but they probably did and i probably didn't listen. gah.
    'My dominant nerd type is book nerd.' hahahaha. love it.
    do cats get the same love on furniture as dogs? people freak out when my cats are on furniture, but it's not like i'm living in their litter box.. it's their house too and unfortunately they don't understand english all of time, so get off the table doesn't work and i gave up a long time ago.
    i have one high end mascara i love, but i still go back to my drugstore ones because they all work pretty much the same for a lot less money. and i'm all about spending less money.

  23. I wish more people stood for what you do. Every time I read from you about what you stand for — whether you're overt and explicit about it or its simply implied in your posts — I just grow happier that I "know" you and grateful that the world has people like you in it! And then sad that there aren't MORE people who stand for (what I think are) such common-sense things, but that's a different comment for a different day ;)

  24. I stand for your dogs owning your home... mostly because I get cute pictures of them out of that deal. ;) Seriously though, the justice system needs to be overhauled in a really big (and bad) way.

  25. I love this post! I also feel like I have to echo what Alyssa said above.


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