Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind

1. A little over two weeks ago, I began the switch from liquid shampoos and conditioners to solid all natural shampoo soap. They say it can take up a month for your hair to acclimate. So week was trying to work out the residue left by normal shampoos, appeared to be a wax helmet in pony tail formation, felt terrible. I reached fuck this shit o'clock very quickly and kicked week two off with a baking soda clarifying treatment followed by shampooing followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. While an infinite improvement over the wax helmet, I woke up yesterday with wild, enormous, sort of curly hair that felt like hay. My hair has never held a curl even with an implement. Yesterday I walked past LUSH looking for solace while keeping it solid. Is prayers for hair a thing? Also, if you see me, pretend I don't have hair until I get this sorted out. Thanks.
2. Dog days of summer. Pic from MFD. I'm happy we haven't been to the shore in this horrendous heatwave. Geege in particular struggles badly in the heat and I have to carry him much of the way around the block. They're looking forward to fall at the shore with cooler air and a return to beach access once the summer crowds have gone.
3. I finished an advance reader copy of A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles on Tuesday. Such truly beautiful writing. Have you read Rules of Civility by Towles? If not, put it on your list, and also check out A Gentleman in Moscow when it's released. It was the 75th book I read this year. Sometimes I feel like throwing book parties in which I am the only one in attendance. 

4. See above? That's the Kindle paperwhite screen (yellow portions were highlighed in picmonkey). I'm pleased to report that I can read it outside in full sun wearing polarized sunglasses and be able to see everything just like I'd see a page in a physical book. I was having a terrible time doing that with the Kindle Fire, even with the anti-glare screens and turning the brightness of the screen itself up.

5. LAST book thing today. On this week's episode (out today or tomorrow) of The Armchair Librarians, Jana and I are joined by her daughter to discuss Dork Diaries #2 - Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl. Parents, do your kids enjoy this series? It's been a long time since I've read a kid's series book. It was a nice change from the murder and mayhem I'm usually reading about. FYI, Jana & I are taking the podcast down to every other week since we've been fumbling to fit it in every week. We currently have no books we're co-reading. Is there something you read that you think we should read and discuss? Is there something you haven't read but think sounds like it might be a good book for discussion? Hit me up with any suggestions.

6. I let my pedicure go too long so I was relieved to freshen up yesterday with OPI She's a Bad Muffaletta...and then walk around town with the toe things still in. tra la laaaaaa
7. I've officially reached the point in the summer where I'm wearing the same five things with no regard for anything else in my closet. I need to think about this and let some things go clothes-wise. I'm gearing up for a big Vietnam Vets pickup, so the time is now. Especially since I just bought a few replacement items at GAP for some of my basic stuff that's seen better days. I'm looking at you right now, v-neck t-shirts. I tend to replace in waves. This year since spring I've replaced all of my v-neck tees (I love to catch sales on those at GAP and LOFT). Last year I replaced all of my tank tops. The year before that, non-work pants. 

8. I could not tell you the last time I looked at a magazine. That shit keeps piling up. Most of the time I pass them along to my mom after I've given up and realized I'm not going to get around to reading them. I think I'm cancelling everything but Real Simple and in the future will just buy one when I want to read one instead of having them pile up around me in a useless and dust collecting manner. I never thought I'd be a one magazine type of lady, but here I am, driving towards that toll. 

9. Reminder. 

10.  E-card of the week: Me to 99% of people on the train right now. 

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  1. Ooh, you got Seanik shampoo - one of my favs!

  2. You know I've got some love for the big hair picture you used.
    Good gawd, I'm so far behind in my listening of The Armchair Librarians. I need to catch up.
    I've never had She's a Bad Muffaletta, and I'm digging that color.

  3. Great Blog. I needed that highlighted section of the book like I needed my next breath. Things appear exactly when you need them if you keep your eyes open. The magazine dilemma. I am with you. I never thought it could happen but it is happening. I have not read any of my magazines this month.

  4. If it gives you thicker hair, I am in ! Agree with the pups on no shore during the heat wave! That nail polish name had me Singing She's a Bad Mama Jamma ! I wear the same clothes all the time, too. I am intrigued by that author. Beautiful words highlighted !
    It's an umbrella day and visit G at the nursing home day. Goddess speed to all. Love. Your. Momma !!!

  5. I am gearing up for a pants purge and replacement. I'm too the point of where I am only wearing like 3 pairs that I have, while I have 5-6 hanging in the closet taking up room, that I obviously hate b/c I don't wear them. It's time for them to go!

    I'll say a prayer for your hair, girl! This transition seems really bizarre. I wonder what the next phase will be?

  6. I'm so ready for a closet purge and then a fall shop this weekend. I've had some things the entire six years I've been at my current job and I think it's okay to retire them now.

    I read The Underground Railroad and I didn't get the fuss. It's a book I want to talk about with someone so I always enjoy your takes on those. I just started The Woman in Cabin 10 and after a few pages, I'm already intrigued (though it has some Girl on the Train leanings, which I don't love). Maybe you could each pick a book for each other and read those? Or just talk about how you are as readers. Like when I read goodreads reviews, I realize I'm not a very critical reader - I solely want to be entertained and reading is more of a brain break. Other people pick out foreshadowing like they're high school English teachers. I would love to hear more of what's in your head as you read.

  7. I suggest The Woman in Cabin 10, and hopefully if you choose that one, I'll actually read it before the podcast! (I chose that before seeing Lauren's comment above, and I also really want to read The Underground Railroad.) So sorry about the hair troubles. I love the name of that OPI color so much.

  8. I'm right there on the couch with your pups. Seriously. Bring on fall. I'm over this nasty ass humid shit.

    When I was in India a few of my travel mates decided they wanted to try the local "shampoo" trend of coconut oil and some spices. Their hair was SO GROSS for the first few weeks because their scalps had to adjust to the oils. Turns out, I think the treatment only worked out for the girl who was partially Indian. Lol.

  9. I need a Mani/Pedi like stat! I haven't had them professionally done since sometime last year. I always feel like it's an expense that is a luxury not necessary but right now I think I might actually need them badly.

    I am the worst at picking the same clothes over and over again especially in the summer. I find something that's comfortable and I just keep going back to it. I have way too many clothes for that kind of nonsense though.

  10. That passage you have highlighted, WOW!
    The picture MFD took is perfection!! Your babies always melt my heart, I'm a sucker for them on Instagram. :) Puglife!
    My youngest daughter read Dork Diaries, perhaps she'll have to listen in on this episode with me.
    Happy Thursday!

  11. I'm doing the exact same thing with my clothes..just repeating the same few things. Logically, I know this means I need to do a closet purge...buuuut that just sounds exhausting.

  12. Good luck with the hair. I try to go as long as possible without washing it to keep oils in it but I cant give up my shampoo/conditioner.
    So you are loving your new Kindle?
    Our heat wave is breaking this weekend & into next week. FINALLY

  13. I mentioned being way behind on magazines in my post today too! I guess I am just spending all of my time reading books instead. I dont think I can switch to solid shampoos. I try to stay more natural with ingredients in mine...but my hair is so thin and meh that it has to be washed often and gets greasy looking easily. I am interesting in the changes once your hair gets used to it.

  14. The baking soda and apple cider vinegar can be very drying every day. (I learned this the hard way.) So I only do it once a week and use a little coconut oil or avocado oil to tame the frizzies. Coconut oil is best for me because it's actually a little drying so it's not gloppy on my hair. Good luck!

    OH- and - I might have to do the paperwhite. That's my biggest hatred towards my kindle fire is that I can't read it outside in the sun with sun glasses on. And that's all I use it for!

  15. I can't handle the magazines either! I never actually get around to reading them, so I just don't even bother subscribing. I'm ready for the heat wave to be over as well!

  16. Ok so your song lyric in the title... I am going to Yacht Rock Review this weekend and I can't wait to hear that one live. Have you read Girl On Th Train? I almost picked that up yesterday but I want a real life review. Magazines... I have a love hate relationship with them. I love Real Simple but mine are still piling up waiting to be read too!

  17. Your dogs are the CUTEST.

    Side note: I always run errands after getting a pedi wearing those cushiony toe separators - white trash style.

    As for the hair, I've been dying to try the no-poo method for months now, but haven't bit the bullet. My hair is SO oily and I wonder if that would help my cause, but the idea of using apple cider vinegar or something natural (and not my pretty-smelling salon shampoos) is scary to me.

  18. Keep us posted on the hair . . . not sure I have it in me to power through, but I think about going with natural products on the regular. Dog pics make me swoon. And I love my Kindle and that I can read it in direct sun with polarized glasses - I used to read on my Kindle app on my Ipad and hated it because I had to take off my sunglasses to read outside. So glad I sprung for a Kindle. Money well spent. I had to cancel all the magazines . . . they were piling up and stressing me out. I don't even miss them.

  19. I have also been experimenting with shampoo (although not all-natural for me) and I got this stuff that's made with shea butter because it said "extra conditioning." I do have super dry hair (and skin) BUT this is basically lotion. When my hair dries, it looks like 2nd day hair, not fully clean. I think I finally found my moisturizing limit. :P

  20. Good luck with your hair... I definitely would have given up by now. Your dogs look how I feel this week. 100%. I'm glad you're enjoying your kindle! Yay for a great deal!

  21. I got a pedicure yesterday too! It's like we got them together haha. I went with a cobalt blue color.

  22. Your pups looks so cute in that photo - just completely out of it!! I can go months without needed a pedicure - manicure is a different story lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  23. I haven't subscribed to a magazine in years. I'll real magazines in they're in front of me or given to me, but I'd never seek them out. I think it's a fear of clutter?
    The *only* good thing about Scott being away is that I can throw his hunting catalogs out. He gets like 1 or 2 a week. He has the internet; he doesn't need to order from a catalog.

    Your poor dogs! Fall at the beach sounds like the best.

    I think I want that Kindle for Christmas.

  24. Oh, and I haven't read Dork Diaries, but most kids enjoy them. I'm not a fan of graphic novels/books. I'm interested to hear what you have to say about it!

  25. Love Seals & Croft. Interested in how the hair saga evolves.

  26. Do you get your mag subscriptions from recycle bank? Do you have the sticker on your recycling can? I get a ton of mags, both paper and digital for free.

  27. can i come to your book party? i won't speak, we can read in silence. haha. i'll bring snacks. i will add both of those books to my list. i love my kindle fire..... indoors. i hate it outdoors, which of course is a bummer. i just really like that i can see the covers and they are in colour on my fire, but they weren't on my basic kindle - they were in a list and that was boring and made my eyes glaze over trying to find a book. so you win some you lose some, right?
    yes to #9. #10 is hilarious.
    i used to be OBSESSED with magazines and wasted so much money on them. like, way more than is acceptable for any person, ever. i don't read any more at all now, i waste my money on books instead. but yeah. i just don't see the point in magazines (for me!) anymore. i've never read a real simple one though so maybe i should get that.


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