Monday, August 8, 2016

TWTW - the last one at the shore for a while

I kicked the weekend off in reverse - Friday night errands, travel thinking, some food prep, and sheet changing. It's better to leave for the shore after 8 pm, so this is a good way to fill my time instead of sitting around getting tired. Breakfast is egg muffins with broccoli/red onion/tomatoes/cheese; lunch is turchicken burgers from the freezer with a side of cucumber salad; dinners will be chicken breasts with veggies and pasta salad. I'll probably also do salmon a few nights. I got to the shore around 10, missed the United States in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and was a grouch until I fell asleep...after 1 because Gus was being a party all the time dick.
Despite his post 1 a.m. jackassery, Gus got up at 4, and insisted on going for a walk at 6. When I say it poured rain before we made it one block, I mean soaked to your underwear rain. And yet the dogs continued on. Miserable, dripping wet. When we got back, I spent some quality time with Geege reading, painting my nails (OPI Cocktails and Coconuts), and having a nutritious breakfast.
Saturday afternoon was all about the work - some minor stuff in the house after the cleaning crew left, and heavy outdoor work cleaning sand out of a drainage ditch and a bunch of other sweat inducing shit. The people who left loved the mugs and knives (yes! people after my own heart) and left me a mug (loved loved loved mug from the owner of The Little Bee Co., a cloth diaper business that donates one diaper to every child in need for every diaper bought) and flowers. So nice. After sweating our asses off, we had lunch and a little lie down.
Saturday afternoon we went fishing. MFD made friends and cast lines and I finished a book. Then I wanted to go home, but I was the net carrier so I had to stay until the bitter end. I kept saying I carried a net like I was Baby but on a fishing pier instead of at a staff party in the Catskills. Dirty Dancing: Fishing Pier version. But no dancing. Or Swayze.
Saturday night MFD did some mummery, and Stephen, Aubrey, and Lola Jean arrived. We hit the boards and got some Kohr Bros, then retired around 11.

Sunday morning we walked around by the bay so Lola could nap. Then we hit the beach! Lola has a pretty sweet set up, these tents seem to be the choice of parents these days and I can totally see why. Lola is an animal heading towards the waves. No fear. Reading, swimming, enjoying nicely labeled sandwiches made by my brother, and people watching were about the only other things I did. . Speaking of, my brother has jokes with this hat. Thankfully it's just jokes. MFD left to go to work around 1 and we headed back to the house a little after 3.
Sunday night we hit the boards again. I absolutely love seeing my niece here in a place I've loved my whole life in the first summer of her life. Yet another pinch me do I really own a house here am I dreaming moment. I had to get Lola a little Ocean City swag.
I loaded the dogs in the car at 8:35 and my brother noticed my car was keyed. I filed a police report and the cop's colorful language upon seeing the damage made me laugh. Never doubt the positive impact of a well placed and appropriately inflected curse word, my friends.

 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
This was our last weekend at the shore until the end of the month. It was a great one!

Tomorrow is Show Us Your Books day!

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  1. We had that same kind of rain here too! My dogs also made me walk and I was soaked to the bone. I really love that OPI nail polish it's well so pretty!

  2. We didn't get the RAIN they promised, but it was so humid and hot it made it almost unbearable to be outside!! So glad you had another great weekend at the shore! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. So glad you had time with LJBQ
    At our favorite place. I still
    Pinch myself that you have a beach house in OCNJ ! Keying-ugh. Any kind of vandalism. So senseless. Lights to those who feel they have to do that stuff. Mend your ways, vandals ! Have a glorious week !! 💖👼✨💖👼✨🍀 Love. Your. Momma !

  4. Love that there was plenty of Lola time! That makes up for the jackassery of car keyers and dogs. Kind of.

  5. People are stupid with the car keying . . . freaking idiots. At least the cop made it slightly better with his colorful language! Why are you not going to be at the shore? Is it rented? Loved what you said about Lola getting to enjoy a place you've loved your whole life . . . sweet sentiment.

  6. OH NO!!!! That sucks about your car. Why? Whats the point? Glad the cop could relate & give a good cuss with you :)
    I always love the pics of your snuggly pugs.

  7. What a fun week at the shore! Well, minus the car keying. There has been a lot of that going on lately! Someone keyed the shit out of my drivers door on my Rogue. I am glad they didn't really say anything to me when I sold it. People are assholes.

  8. People who key cars and destroy property are asshats. I like to believe that there is a special place in hell for them or at the very least, that karma will take care of it before they part this world. I cracked up at your Dirty Dancing/"I carried a net" comparison!

  9. i hate it when dickheads do stupid shit like that. glad that the cop at least entertained you with his foulness (i would've laughed my ass off at that too)

  10. Bummer about the car being keyed :( I love that nail polish color. You seriously have the best shades of polish!
    I love that your renters left you a mug and flowers. Coffee/tea mugs are seriously THE BEST.

  11. I hope your car wasn't too badly damaged or at least just a small section. Fkn buggers, people don't appreciate anything anymore and zero fks given for anyone else's nice shit. Thankfully it's just stuff but still, enough to make you spit nails...

  12. lol geege with your book is seriously like penny - sometimes i have the book so close to my face i can barely see it, but at least she cant get between me and the book. if i let her in, and then i move the book so i can read it, she will resposition herself in front of the book. such a bitch lol.
    woah, the owner of the cloth diaper company stayed at your place?? that's so cool. i've heard of that company and love what they do!
    ugh sorry about your car being keyed, that sucks balls. so cool that Lola gets to grow up visiting a place you grew up visiting. i hope i get to take my kids to the beach/caravan park i went to growing up, that would be so cool! that tent set up is awesome, kinda want it for myself.
    RIP Swayze though.

  13. Passing a tradition down to little ones is always the best. That's why I'm so excited for the summer/yearly traditions with my family. :)

  14. Another great weekend at the shore is in the books! That's great that you were able to get so much done, but also enjoy some time just relaxing with the family and your niece! I would have been so mad if somebody keyed my car! I don't even know what I'd do! Hopefully they figure out who did or can do something about it!

  15. LOL at your brother's hat, but sorry to hear about your car getting keyed. What is wrong with people?! Those egg muffins look delish, and loving that nail color. Perfect for a weekend at the shore :)

  16. Aren't pugs the cutest?! I missed the opening ceremony completely, due to being out of town. So I'm excited to start watching some of the games :)

    Edye | Http://

  17. Sorry about your car! That was sweet of them to leave you a mug & flowers. That beach tent looks amazing!

  18. It must have been so cool to have your niece there with you! Bummer about the car being keyed. Those beach tents are awesome. Babies are lucky. :)

  19. Keyed your car?! That's terrible. I'm so sorry. A terrible end to what looks like a fun weekend. What are you going to do for a month without your shore adventures?! :)

  20. Your dogs are so well-traveled.

    This reminds me of the jackoffs who throw rocks at cars for fun. People are the worst.

  21. MFD sounds just like my husband making friends everywhere he goes. lol So great Lola Jean and family could visit a place with so much family tradition and lots of beauty as a bonus. I love her little setup on the cute. I would be furious if my car was keyed! Any reason for it?

  22. UGH. People who do STUPID ass things like keying a car have a special place reserved just for them. I'm glad it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend aside from those idiots. I'm not linking up tomorrow, but I'll be stalking away.


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